The audience on Instagram is highly diversified. A portion of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users who are hard of hearing or visually impaired also want to consume material without restrictions. The platform is putting out capabilities that let you make your content more accessible since it is aware of this.

Here are some quick tips on how to improve your audience’s Instagram experience.

How to make Instagram content more accessible?

As you prepare different content, by increasing followers on Instagram, you can also boost your engagement. 

Captions Sticker for Stories & Reels

Do you know that you can apply caption stickers to your Reels and Stories on Instagram? In fact, you can! The following time you record a video in Reels or the story editor, go to Sticker tray and select cc Captions.

Auto-Generated Captions for Instagram Videos

You are aware that Instagram no longer offers IGTV; instead, Instagram Videos now includes both feed videos and previous IGTV content. Additionally, you may add automatically created captions to Instagram Videos, just like you could with IGTV.

Utilize the auto-generated captions for your films to enhance engagement and to make them more accessible as 1/3 of all videos on Instagram are played without sound.

Instagram creates captions for your videos automatically in 17 different languages.

Under Settings > Accessibility > Captions, you can activate this.

Auto-Generated Captions for Instagram Reels

Now, the platform will produce subtitles that will be automatically switched on when a creative submits an Instagram Reel.

For creators: In the upload flow’s Advanced Settings, toggle the captions off if you want to disable them. This will stop automatic captioning on this current video as well as future ones.

For viewers: To turn captions on or off, tap the overflow menu and choose to Manage Captions.

The more you use Instagram reels, the better you can get engagement from Instagram. This may seem tedious and time-consuming, but you can make it easier if you use scheduling tools. The best social media scheduling tool we recommend to you is Planly. 

By registering for free with Planly, you can schedule images, videos, carousel posts, reels and stories on Instagram. In addition, if your caption on Instagram reaches the limit, you can use Planly to post your caption on the first comment. The main difference between Planlyn and other social media scheduling tools is that you are not notified when a post is shared.

Alt Text for Images

One of the earliest and most well-known features that enable you to increase the accessibility of your Instagram content is this one.

Originally, this feature was created to make Instagram content accessible to users who are blind or visually impaired. It is now utilized by marketers for Instagram account optimization.

Instagram offers two different kinds of alternative text: Automatic Alternative Text (which is produced automatically for screen readers using object recognition technology) and Custom Alternative Text (you can add more descriptions and context to your images).

While posting your new content, scroll down the screen to the page with a caption to find this tool.

  1. Advanced Settings are located at the page’s bottom.
  2. Click that, then scroll down the page until you see Write Alt Text.
  3. Create a description of what’s in your photograph by tapping this button.

Translations in Instagram Feed, Profile, and Stories

The Translations function makes it possible for viewers whose native language is not that of your captions to comprehend what you are saying if your Instagram audience is international (you can find out your audience’s geo in Instagram Insights if you have a Business or Creator account).

You don’t need to do anything; Instagram does the translations on its own. By clicking the See Translation button, users can read the translation of your texts.

The bio you include on your profile, as well as the captions and comments in posts in your feed, are automatically translated based on the language they are written in and the viewer’s language preferences. If there is a translation for your language underneath the text, you may touch See translation to view it.

Make All Words in Instagram Hashtags Capitalized

Capitalize Each WordHashtags can help Instagram users find your post. And here’s how to use this easy technique to make yourself more discoverable.

Each word in your hashtags should be capitalized to ensure that accessibility screen readers accurately read them out.

Bonus: ‘Who Can Use’ Checker

To confirm that the color scheme of your Instagram grid is easy to see and read, use the free Who Can Use tester.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Instagram works to ensure that communities of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons as well as visually impaired people may use the platform. Additionally, you ought to. With these pointers, you should be able to enhance these audiences’ content consumption experiences.