6 Things You Should Do If You Were in a Bicycle Accident

6 Things You Should Do If You Were in a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are alarmingly common. And, as one might expect, they usually result in serious injury, sometimes even fatality. When a bicycle accident does occur, before any action can be taken, the person responsible for causing the accident must be identified. Unfortunately, it is often cyclists who are responsible, whether because they aren’t wearing high-viz clothing or because they are riding recklessly.

With that said, sometimes careless drivers are instead responsible for causing accidents. If you have been injured by a careless driver and it wasn’t your fault, then this article will tell you six things that you need to do:

Photograph Evidence

On the scene of the accident, experts recommend taking photographic evidence of the driver, your bike, and your injuries. If your accident was more serious and resulted in you being taken to hospital, then this might not be possible. Fortunately, we live in a time where people’s phones are essentially just extensions of their bodies. If the accident took place in a built-up area, then there’s a chance that somebody will have taken a photograph or video of it. In the days and weeks following your accident, you should make regular appeals on social media to potential witnesses, asking them to come forward with evidence. Evidence will help you if your case is taken to court. If the evidence is strong enough, then it can win your case outright for you. It will also help insurance adjusters make their decision regarding your case.

Contact a Doctor

You should also contact a doctor. If your accident did not result in a trip to the hospital, but you were still injured, a doctor will provide you with the necessary treatment, as well as write a medical certificate out for you, which is crucial if you want to receive compensation. A medical certificate will be expected by insurance companies when a claim is made. If a certificate is not presented, then there will be a doubt as to the authenticity of your claim. If you go to the hospital, you can ask the doctor that sees you there to write you out a certificate.

Find an Attorney

It’s also heavily recommended that you contact an attorney. If you want to stand a chance at winning compensation, then you will need one. It is virtually impossible to represent oneself in a personal injury case. An attorney will not only handle communication with the guilty person’s insurance company, but they will take your case to court if it is necessary. In the words of the specialist personal injury attorneys from https://bestbicycleaccidentlawyer.com/, hiring an attorney gives you the opportunity to heal, while they handle your case. Attorneys are fundamental if you want compensation.

Contact the Police

If you believe that the person that caused your accident was drunk, carelessly driving, or caused your accident intentionally, then you might want to contact the police. The police prosecute drivers who do not drive carefully. If a driver intentionally hits you, then they could be charged with attempted murder. Generally, it’s a good idea to contact the police immediately after your accident, even if you have no doubts about the driver’s awareness or competence. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether a person is inebriated. The police will be able to, however.


Be Honest

Something that is very important in any personal injury case is honesty. It is natural to want to exaggerate your case’s severity, after all, when something happens to you personally, it seems much worse than if you witnessed it happening to somebody else. Unfortunately, dishonesty can lose your claim. If an insurance adjuster discovers that you have lied or exaggerated about anything, they are well within their rights to flat out deny your claim. This could then result in you having to go to court, where you may again be denied compensation, because of dishonesty.

Take Time

After an accident, you need to take time off to recover. Do not try to force yourself back into work. Instead, relax, take time off, and be around your family and loved ones. If you have taken our advice and contacted a lawyer, they will handle every aspect of your case for you, allowing you to put your feet up. They will stay in touch, provide regular updates, and fight aggressively for your compensation. If you rush back into work too soon after a serious injury, you can delay and even hinder your recovery. You need to relax.

Bicycle accidents have very high fatality rates. This is because cyclists share the road with drivers and often travel at high speeds. In order to minimize your chances of being involved in an accident, ride responsibly, be aware, and always follow the speed limit.

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