AdWords Strategy: Why Are Themes More Important Than Words?

AdWord strategy is about two star crossed lovers discovering one another. The popular idea is to have a list of words pertinent to your audience, product or service. A much better strategy may be to initially focus on themes.

A theme is a combination of keywords which create a significant thought that helps your customer find your product or service. Themes create a high level list of words that describe how your product functions. A theme is a bridge between word and actual function.

This may involve some due diligence on your part. Creating themes will not come out of the blue. It will involve some ingenuity and innovation. An individual website is a short cut. A website is broken down into themes. Those themes are direct key words. You will have to be innovative in creating another roster of key words.

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Begin with keyword search ideas, themes, in place of individual keywords. Once those ideas are established, this gives a road map toward defining strong key words. An example is a plumber. You will see that there is a progression, an evolution.

Here is a way you could go: Plumber, Broken Pipes, Fix shower, Fix Broken Pipes, Kitchen Pipes, Kitchen remodeling, New Kitchens, New Kitchen Ideas, Bathroom remodeling (same sequence as Kitchen), overflowing toilet, Emergency Plumbing, Overnight Plumbing, Flooded basement.

This is a good education for you. You have to rethink how your business is done. Think through each of the individual processes. This will expand your key word list. In the plumbing business, majestically, you can learn a few new hundred themes. Who said you weren’t smart and innovative?

You have to be innovative, but you don’t need to necessarily reinvent the wheel of your business. Look at your website and how it is popularly navigated. Observe the words that are used on the sight. A key is the marketing material that you hand out to customers, offline.

To be successful in social media, you simply have to “dance with the girl you come with”. Many times direct mail pieces are carefully optimized over time. On these materials, do you find hot-button words?

Another source may be your competitor and how they approach the business. Do they use different navigational tools on their sight? Is there a purpose for that? Do they offer different services? Are those services something you find innovative? Are there new ways of doing the business more efficiently? Are there better ways of delivering your service or describing it.

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