Best 7 Home Business ideas

If you’ve spent any time researching on the internet, you’ll have found hundreds of home business ideas to start from home. How do you find out which ones are scams and which ones are genuine ways to make money? Keep reading and researching.

Anyone who promises that you can earn quick money in just a few weeks, but requires you to pay them large sums of money first, is probably best avoided.

Any genuine home business opportunity will take time and effort to build up. Still, we’ve all heard stories of people who are now earning a good income and some who have given up work completely by starting home businesses.

One of the easiest and cheapest, even free, ways to start a home business is by using the opportunities afforded by the internet. This can be a low-cost option, as there are minimal overheads, your main requirement being a computer and an internet connection.

Home Business Ideas – eBay reselling

Either buying low and selling high – clearing out items from your loft or garage or using the dropshipping directories now available to buy direct and sell on via eBay.

Home Business Ideas – Google Adsense

Setting up content websites with Google AdSense code and getting paid for every visitor that clicks on one of your ads. There are people making money with this, the outlay is minimal, and the potential is huge.

Home Business Ideas – Google Adwords

This is a real art, but some people are making good money. If you are good with words, then this could be for you. By setting up a Google AdWords campaign and directing traffic to an Affiliate site, such as an Ebook, it is possible to make money. By the way, it’s also possible to spend a lot of money without making even one sale. If you’re considering this option, I’d recommend buying one of the excellent ebooks available on the subject and learn from the experts.

Home Business Ideas – Affiliate Sales

If you are a good salesperson and feel that you could write good copy online, this could be your opportunity to make money. Not for the faint-hearted, the highest-paid “super affiliates” are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Consider that 20% of the people are making 80% of the money, and you’ll know that you’ll need to do some good research before you get started. The only option for this is Rosalind Gardners, “Super Affiliate Handbook”, a comprehensive manual to everything you need to know on affiliate marketing.

Home Business Ideas – Write your Ebook

Most of us have thought of this at one time or another, but have we taken it any further? If you are an expert in an area or a good writer, this could be an option. I know of one person making a good living from selling a scrapbooking ebook, so this could be a way to make money from your hobby!

Home Business Ideas – Home surveys

Find out about genuine surveys that you can carry out for national companies. This can often be a simple survey that you carry out by visiting a shop, restaurant, or similar venue and must be completed online.

Home Business Ideas – Writing articles & web content

If you are one of those people that finds writing easy, be thankful. There are many people out there with the skills to set up a successful website but who haven’t a clue when writing the content on their web pages. Often, this is contracted out via companies like, and you can bid for the opportunity to write for them.

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