Best Strategy For Success, Abundance And Continual Prosperity As An Entrepreneur

Doesn’t matter what business you’re building this year, your success will come down to 3 simple letters: Yes, indeed, 3 Simple Letters L”, “O” and “C”.

Before you see what these stand for and start to become crystal clear on how you can PROFIT from these 3 simple, ordinary letters.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” What he meant is that we shouldn’t feel chained to old ways of thinking that don’t work anymore.

Real quick:

Only the ones who decide to put their excuses aside, and rely on faith, look for more REASONS to succeed than excuses to quit.

Those are the people getting results, and the ones who COMMIT to their future.

Over the past 12 hours, hundreds of ambitious men and women, parents, gals, professionals and guys just like you have been storming the doors of being self-employed and beginning to see POWERFUL results.

The others?

Those letters? “L”, “O” and “C”.

Being a professional and entrepreneur requires 3 things to be present ALWAYS.

How You Can Use 3 Simple Letters To Get More Wealth, Power, Prosperity and POWER In Your Life:

Well, I don’t pay attention to them and neither should you if you want to EXPAND your life and income to levels unheard of in your circle of friends. You see, if we don’t accept the idea that we actually deserve real abundance in our lives, having prosperity, then even if it falls in our laps we will refuse it somehow.

1) the RIGHT prospect.

2) the RIGHT product.

3) the RIGHT message.

And this is what the 3 simple letters create in any market, with any person (you) and at a moment’s notice.

However, if you miss just ONE of these?

No sales.

No wealth.

No power.

No prosperity.

Pack it in, your life will reflect that lack.



Tons of people are posting on social media about how great their business is and why people are CRAZY not to join their mission.

My favorite is an email list.

Yup… Your LIST. It is simply a list of prospects.

Plus, to build an email list, someone must ASK for specific information–case in point. I mean if you are on my email list you willingly signed up to hear from me, and I know what you were looking for so you’ve put your hand up to get emails about certain topics.

OK–now that you’re feeling great and have an ear to ear grin covering that face of yours…

Why? Because it’s TARGETED and you OWN it.

VERY powerful and turns the tables on most of what you may be doing already to build a business.

Could be an email list, Facebook audience, Personal contacts–I don’t care where these people are, you need to have a list of prospects who are open, willing and PRIMED to hear from you,.

First Letter is “L” And.

It Stands For “LIST”.

You have control over getting my messages, yet you still typed in your email address to hear from me.

99% of those people have no interest, and will NEVER have an interest no matter how great your lifestyle becomes.

Now you have an email list of people who want to learn about a specific area of gardening.

Say lawn care for humid climates. (very specific audience, who wants a specific solution.).

Build a precision permission based email list starting today (don’t waste time).

If you’re on someone’s email list, you’ve given them permission to promote to you and do this all day until you choose to unsubscribe.

Second Letter is “O” And.

It Stands For “OFFER”.

Doesn’t matter if you have the BEST book or product on how to increase the speed of your tennis serve, your audience doesn’t care one bit!

You can’t sell the BEST thing to the WRONG person.

Extreme example, but you get the point?

Your OFFER (what you are selling and the specific problem it solves) MUST MATCH your audience and what they want.

My recommendation–fall in love with your prospect, feel united with them, and then OFFER them something THEY will love.

This is important, because many people I see fall in love with the product (which is great), yet they are not in LOVE with the prospect.

Make sense?

Third Letter is “C” And.

It Stands For “COPY”.

Use the FIRST “L”, and build a list of the RIGHT people, THEN make them an OFFER that fits what they are seeking.


And as I said.

Because “COPY” is simply the words you use to describe, influence and let people you care about understand you!

If you don’t have a LIST and a good OFFER, you’re not going anywhere.

The BEST, most slick, perfected and dialed in sales copy will FLOP!

Door to door salespeople are perfect examples.

Just like you can’t SELL the BEST thing to the wrong audience.

You can’t SAY the right thing to the wrong person.

Doesn’t matter about their great ideas or if they are the most top and persuasive recruiting door-to-door messengers around.

99% of the doors SLAM on their faces.

Why this matters to you (in a BIG way).

What if you could be taught the whole process of building a list, matching an offer (or crafting one), putting the BEST words together to sell it?

Imagine if they learned the art of building a targeted and interested list, people who WANTED information and then they could focus on THOSE people?.

Would that interest you?

This is MASSIVE if you’re a service provider.

You simply need to be a powerful action taker, and then you are on the first step toward the top.

I want this article to help you succeed and I know how.

That’s all for today! Other than learn how to reflect your inner abundance into your outer world.

This is all so very CRUCIAL if you’re an entrepreneur and in a business opportunity.

Hope you got MASSIVE value and clarity about what you ACTUALLY need right now.

To all you can in this world!

Source by James Nussbaumer

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