Best Ways of Getting Rid of Dust from Your Office

Best Ways of Getting Rid of Dust from Your Office

Dusting may be at the bottom of your priorities when it comes to keeping your office neat, but you should reconsider. A dusty office may house a great number of dust particles that can contain poisonous compounds and other nasty bits and pieces that can cause diseases. When it comes to dusting, you shouldn’t assume that washing down every surface would be enough. You must also understand how to remove dust from the air. Air quality is a crucial component of your employees’ health. Continue reading to learn about how to effectively clean your office and remove dust from the air.

Get Rid of the Feather Duster

Obviously, feather dusters are commonly used for dusting, but just how efficient are they? The fibers of a feather duster gather up some of the dust that has accumulated on the surfaces of your workplace. On the other hand, they disturb what has come to rest. You have probably seen this procedure in action if you ever shook a feather duster. Instead of capturing dust for disposal, feather dusters tend to push dust off of solid surfaces and then into the air. As an alternative, you can just dust objects like tables and fans using a moist cloth or sponge. Dust will not get airborne due to the weight of the liquid, letting you sweep it up and throw it away. When dealing with dust, you can avoid using cleaning materials that include chemicals. Water will achieve the same result without introducing hazardous chemicals into your workplace.

Consider Removing Your Carpeting

If your workplace has carpeting, consider removing it and replacing it with linoleum or wood floors. Dust not only likes to dwell in carpets and rugs, where it may nest snugly in the heap, but it can also be worsened by carpets and rugs. The lesser fiber materials you have in your workplace would be great. While padded desk chairs may assist your staff by boosting their everyday work comfort, no one is worried about missing the carpeting.

Take A Look at Your HVAC Systems

Temperature management comes to mind when we think of HVAC systems. HVAC systems, on the other hand, are meant to filter the air entering the HVAC system and return it to the building. For your safety, you must keep up with replacing the filters utilized by your HVAC system. Go have a look at them if you have not done so in a while. They’re probably covered in a heavy coating of dust and dirt. You might think that that’s actually an indicator that they are functioning well by preventing dust from going into the air, but when too much dust collects on a filter, it can get clogged and lose its effectiveness.

Furthermore, all this dust might get free again and eventually wind up in your air. But when it comes to heavy-duty HVAC maintenance, choose a specialist. Attempting to repair your HVAC system on your own might be hazardous. Also, if you don’t have the correct knowledge, you may be kicking up all kinds of bad material that wouldn’t have posed much harm to your air quality in the first place.

Never Let What is in the Outside Come Inside

Don’t forget the power of dirt, pollen, and insect particles. Invest in some sturdy doormats for your staff to wipe their feet on as they come in. At least once a week, take the doormats outside and dust them out before vacuuming them. At times when you prefer fresh air, put on certain air purifiers intended to minimize allergens and dust-forming elements like pollen. Finally, take your pest issues seriously. Whether you have ants or cockroaches, you must get rid of them before they multiply and become a full-fledged infestation.

Consider Hiring an Expert Office Cleaning Service

You may expect all of your staff to keep their workplaces clean, but that alone will not enhance your air quality. Most likely, no one is thorough in cleaning the rugs, breakroom, and other dust-accumulating places before they log off for the day. Cleanliness is not something that everyone is born with. Call a qualified expert office cleaning service to come in multiple times each month to guarantee that your office is cleaned and maintained. Otherwise, you risk having an office that seems clean but is actually a breeding ground for bacteria and illness-causing materials.

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