Dell OptiPlex 7010 Best Buying Guide

The small form factor PC refers to a smaller configuration than the traditional tower desktop. Although a more miniature computer differs in appearance from the tower desktop, its essential functions are identical to the desktop entry-level. Dell is now the most famous producer of PCs with this factor worldwide. Every SFF model of the recently introduced models has the finest space-saving advantagesDell OptiPlex 7010 delivers a smooth and seamless performance of a high-end desktop computer for your everyday computing chores. It is available in several sizes. It’s an economical choice for small and large companies as well. For home PCs, it is also a good alternative.

We will go through the details of OptiPlex 7010; continue reading the article further to help yourself in making a decision. You will be able to evaluate the Dell Optiplex desktop and decide if it is worth buying.

                              Pros                           Cons
  • Long-term usability with sustainable and dependable
  • Unrepairable after many problems
  • The design is stylish.
  • Loud
  • General work efficiency
  • It’s becoming hot
  • Style Micro
  • RAM sometimes leads to problems

The Dell SFF Desktop offering makes sense, according to several leading experts and tech geeks, by fulfilling the user’s expectations.

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Dell OptiPlex 7010 SFF

The Dell Optiplex 7010 desktop is suitable for corporate or home use. It is an excellent computer for basic computer operations like Internet surfing, documents processing, video viewing, etc. Prices are far lower than the cost of an equivalent laptop.

Computers Ultra Small Factor (USFF) for people who are short in space are excellent. It is also available in the USFF version. The area within these devices is likely to be quite limited, and it is impossible to add more strength owing to less space.


The Dell OptiPlex 7010 is a small and flexible computer that performs enough for essential computing productivity. It comes in black and silver and has four distinct shape factors, from a tiny to a tiny form factor.

The Dell Optiplex 7010’s rear chassis has additional ports. File transfers are available via USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connections. A comprehensive air entry area and a dell logo occupy other portions of the front chassis. There are ventilation holes next to the colorful pattern. The Kensington lock mechanism got placed on the rear chassis’s right edge, close to the air vents.

For many years to come, Optiplex 7010 offers long-term dependability and superior service. Also, its stunning style in black and silver is ideally suited to your working environment and effortlessly fits into your desk. Elegant design and durability come with the 7010 SFF version.


There are several configurations of the Dell OptiPlex 7010. One variant has an Intel Celeron G540 double-core, 2.50 GHz base clock, and 2MB cache memory.

A twin-core Intel i3-3240 Processor is also available. The fundamental frequency of the Core i3 CPU is 3.40GHz and 3MB. A suitable workstation is the Dell 7010.

It performs activities effectively, such as accessing the Internet, viewing films, or playing games. The processor is also helpful for photo rendering, But you shouldn’t expect flawless performance when running programs like Photoshop.

Storage and Ram

The desktop for Dell Optiplex 7010 supports DDR3 RAM. It allows the operating system and applications to load more quickly, and with 8 GB is sufficient RAM capability. This device can accomplish a good amount of multitasking. The hard disk is 250 GB on the PC, allowing you to build your document library, media files, major videos, music, or movies in enough capacity. However, some business people say that many high-resolution pictures and videos appear insufficient to store.

Bonus Tip: Two storage types are supported by the dell Optiplex 7010. A 2.5″ SATA HDD may get used with a capacity of up to 500 GB. A MicroSD card for external storage expansion is supported by Dell Optiplex 7010.

Graphics Card

The desktop Optiplex 7010 is in many configurations in graphics. Integrated HD graphics feature an 850 MHz base frequency and an increased 1000 MHz frequency. AMD RADEON HD 7570 or Intel HD Graphics 4000 with a dedicated VRAM of 1 GB can also get used. The low performance of Optiplex 7010 is hardly surprising, given that it wasn’t a game machine that Dell designed. However, the GPU upgrade allows the PC to play more taxing game titles with satisfactory frame rates. It gets advised that users do not upgrade to the recommendations of the graphic cards above the guidelines.


A total of 6 USB ports are available for the Dell OptiPlex 7010 USFF. There’s no USB 3.1 port for this model; therefore, you need to select another model. Also crucial is the version of this DisplayPort. Always try to get greater resolutions and refresh rates for higher versions.

Package Content

Authentic Windows 10 Home Ready to Use comes in with Package contents! They also have Microsoft Defender, USB PC, mouse, power cord and VGA, DisplayPort, USB 3.0/2.0, Ethernet, headphone, and mic audio jackets.


Modestly, Dell Optiplex 7010 is a desktop at the workstation level. It is a desktop PC with a small design but a hardware combination that is as powerful without sacrifice. As the most crucial element of the PC hardware setup, the Intel Core i5 CPU allows you to gain unequivocal IT management in your company. The desktop includes several safeguards to secure your confidence and hard disk drives, using Dell Data protection technology.

Bottom Line

Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Is a sturdy and confidential desktop computer that quickly handles your daily business tasks. It appears little and more petite than a tower computer. Therefore, it is inexpensive for small and large companies. Many of them are affordable to use several contemporary features to value your money. So, if you have a restricted budget for a compact desktop to manage a wide range of office programs, the Optiplex 7010 is the ideal solution for you.


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