For any business owner who is in the growth phase, there must be so many unanswered questions in your head. You might as well be concerned about what will happen next. Added to that is heated competition. In such a situation doubt can creep into your mind. But if you take the time to establish a plan for putting your business on the path to success then you can turn things around for sure.

Covid pandemic has made it clear that if you don’t embrace technology, you could be at the risk of being left behind. Entrepreneurs must start strong with some of the following digital technologies in order to stay afloat. By embracing digital tools now, you’ll have more prospects for future integration, growth, and success.

1: Email Campaign Manager

It’s obvious that you must have a website and an email list you’re working on. To manage your email campaigns successfully, you need an email marketing tool for sure. GetResponse is a popular name. It’s one of the most well-known names in the email marketing service industry. Just Google it as you would normally Google Spectrum Mobile phone number and you will find that it’s widely used globally with subscribers growing rapidly.

The benefit of GetResponse is that it’s much more than its email marketing and campaign tools. The company has recently evolved into an all-in-one digital marketing platform, allowing customers to handle a wide range of jobs and quickly automate numerous day-to-day marketing activities.

2: PM Tools

A new firm (especially one with a remote) may need help for keeping track of several projects it’s working it. Emails are never ideal to keep everyone posted since it’s an isolated medium of communication. Furthermore, it’s possible for members to miss an update if they aren’t on the most recent message.

Trello or Asana, for example, are more efficient project management solutions. These cloud-based solutions provide a complete and transparent picture of where each significant project is in its lifecycle, allowing everyone to follow along from start to finish.

3: VPN

Small-business cyberattacks are on the rise, so take efforts to protect your startup from hackers, scammers, hackers, and other cybercriminals. Even while using a public network (e.g., a public network at a café) a VPN allows users to build a secure network connection. NordVPN is a popular choice thanks to its military-grade security and thousands of servers.

A VPN is a cheap solution to safeguard you, your staff, and your business if you anticipate doing business in public locations or collecting sensitive data from clients.

4: Scheduling Tools

It is critical to use social media to engage with potential clients and customers. Unfortunately, spending too much time on social media is cumbersome and counterproductive. Plus, it’s a pain if you are spending time publishing posts on each social media platform separately.

Thankfully, to speed up the process of social media scheduling, we have got tools like Buffer and HootSuite that allow you to schedule posts to go out on specific days and times without having to visit the social media sites directly. You can create a week or even a month’s worth of posts scheduled in advance. What a great way to grow your brand without spending too much time on social media.

5: Content Creation Tools

One of the most successful ways to reach your audience is through content, particularly video material. With hours of video being posted to YouTube every second, no company can afford to be left behind. With these tools, you can make eye-catching clips and other interesting material with the content you share. Tools like Playbuzz, Pablo, Animoto, and Drift can make content creation much easier.

Summing Up

You can streamline your marketing campaigns, automate a lot of work, and streamline growth with the correct tools at your disposal.

A good digital marketing stack can be built using any combination of the tools listed above. Don’t be afraid to test things out to see what works best for your company and budget. You can move forward with your campaigns with confidence and keep a better pulse on your marketing efforts once you’ve sorted out your digital marketing tools.