Great Ideas For Homemade Hippie Costume

Homemade hippie costumes are now becoming an “in” thing especially in these financially-troubled times. More and more people would rather to have their hippie costume homemade rather than buying it in many department stores around the corner or in many boutiques specializing in them where the price is certainly a bit higher for those on tight budget.

Most often homemade costumes are among the head turners in parties calling for such attire. This is because of the fact that being homemade makes this costume more unique. This can never be found in any costume stores nor in many online stores may you pay a visit.

Having this costume is probably the most practical way of sporting this costume these days where nearly everyone is on a tight budget. You do not need to spend your fortune just be comply with the required get up in a particular party that got to attend to.

Hippie costumes are very easy to make. That is if you do have the heart for it and have rich imagination to create hippie stuff that you are surely proud to flaunt with in costume parties. Creativity and rich imagination are your best tools to come up with awesome homemade hippie costume.

Here are some bright ideas that may help you come up with your own homemade hippie costume:
1. Hippie jeans or skirts – these are easily found in your parent’s closet. Your mom’s old skirt or your dad’s old style blue jeans will certainly make a good stuff for hippie costume. You just have to add some color and design to it using your rich imagination and creativity. You can use either water base paints or beads to add hippie looks on this old stuff.

2. Flowery flip flops – since it is a common sight to use flip flops with hippie apparel, it will be even better to make your own flowery flip flops by simple attaching plastic flower from you vase to it using glue or other stitching materials. Colorful beads are also great ideas to use on your flip flaps and even on leather Indian sandals. You can also use old buckles of unused belts for a more metallic look of your homemade hippie footwear.

3. Hippie jewelry – yes, you can surely come up with your homemade hippie jewelry to accessorize your hippie attire. Maximize the buckles of unused belts or shoes. These will make a good pair of fancy earrings or even a head turner pendant for a silver or thin leather chain to hand on with an appropriate vest that will surely look great over light colored shirt.

4. Crocheted turban – headdress is one of the essential stuff to complete your hippie attire. You can simply grab an old crocheted garment from your mom or grandmother’s closet and use it as turban to complement your hippie get up. You can also come up with your own design if you know how to do it yourself.

These are just a few of the many great ideas that you can certainly use to come up with awesome collection of homemade hippie costume.

Source by Kenneth Elliott

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