How to Make Money Online Easily

It isn’t easy to make money online. It is difficult to make money online even if you read books on the subject. One of the most common errors people make is believing the hype emitted by those who want to sell you this program or plan when all they want is your money. So, if you’re serious, here’s the truth, as well as some advice.

It’s Not Easy to Make Money Online

That’s right, it’s the same as the title, and it’s because it’s true. It’s also true that many people make money online through what’s referred to as ‘internet marketing,’ but many more fail to make even a fraction of what they invest.

It’s like playing slots: you put in $100 and get an $80 drop, and you declare victory. So what the hell did you do? “Hey – this could just be what I’m looking for!” you think as you pay $12 for web hosting, $49.99 for an eBook on how to make money, $50 for AdWords advertising, and make a $9.99 sale. Forget about the fact that you’re already down $102!

And it can get even worse because when you first start online marketing, there are already hundreds of thousands of people trying to do the same thing as you in your niche. So, if you want to see how competitive your business is, choose a keyword that best describes it and type it into the Google search box.

Examine the Competition: It Can Be Embarrassing

Look under the search bar for several other results. For example, my keyword ‘article services’ returned 3.17 billion different products, indicating that my website’s concept has a lot of competition. However, when I look for the competition for a specific term by putting it in quotes, such as “article services,” I find 234,000 other web pages that use that exact keyword.

You’ll be able to see who you’re up against in this way. It’s discouraging, and it’s almost enough to prevent you from trying at all – almost! But, if you’re still serious about learning how to make money online, you have a chance—though it won’t be quick or straightforward.

Sure, you’ve heard about these guys who made millions after just a few months of using their new system! They even back up their claims. Photoshop and its clones have all the proof they need to convince you that their program or system is the best thing since sliced bread!

How to Make Money Online Easily

My Learning Experience

Yes, many people can profit from affiliate marketing, which entails selling other people’s products in exchange for a commission. They are, however, essentially salespeople who are compensated for each sale. For example, when I first started internet marketing eight years ago, I paid $12,500 for Cory Rudl’s mentoring program. A Canadian man mentored me. That guy taught me what is now common knowledge: how to create a website and promote it.

This guy was getting paid to teach me things that everyone else already knew! Only I was too naive to realize that doing what everyone else was doing would give me a very slim chance of making money. So, what went wrong, and why did I fail?

Here’s why:

I decided to experiment with affiliate marketing. It’s simple: sell someone else’s product and get paid. I’ve been told that all of these products are in high demand, so I won’t be able to fail. I failed! Then I found this “unbeatable offer” for software that would see the most profitable affiliate products. Just $99.95! No, I didn’t find my good products! And then this rich jerk sold me a book on how he did it – total con – it was exactly what I was doing already, so I was a complete failure once more!

It’s Not Easy to Make Money

But it is possible! You can make money if you have a skill (mine is writing), and there is a demand for that skill online. You’ve probably heard of successful affiliate marketers or people who teach others how to make money online easily. What you won’t hear about are the millions upon millions of people who not only don’t make any money but who also lose money they can’t afford to lose.

Make the Most of Your Skills and Knowledge

If you have a skill, however:

  • You’re an expert at crocheting or quilting, and you can sell snowboarding advice and equipment.
  • You’re a popular children’s entertainer who’s about to open your dojo.
  • You’re a martial arts expert who’s about to open your dojo.
  • You are a retired teacher who provides tutoring services.
  • You’re a fantastic writer who can create custom children’s books or web content.
  • You’re an expert on any subject and can provide online training or eBooks.

Then there’s the fact that there are millions of people looking for what you’re good at. Don’t try to be like everyone else; instead, be yourself. Could you create something on your own and sell it online? Don’t spend $199.99 on this great way to make money; it may work for 1% of the population, but the other 99 percent will be wasting their money.

Summary of How to Make Money Online

To summarize, I earn money online by writing articles and web content for other people. Unfortunately, I learned a lot about failure and how to avoid it before I realized I should be using my writing skills.

Unless you have no skills or knowledge, use what you do know and concentrate on it. It took me a long time to realize this and begin ignoring those who claim to be able to make me a millionaire – it never happens! As a result, I maxed out all of my credit cards (why did they give them to me?) and have only recently completed the process of paying them off and rebuilding my credit score.

Making money online is complex, and don’t believe those who tell you that you can make money online by selling other people’s products that 100,000 others are also attempting to sell. According to statistics, you will most likely lose your money – and some people will even lose their homes! Instead, make the most of the abilities and knowledge you have. Someone will want to buy them, and you can sell them to them.

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