The Pros and Cons: Should Students Have Homework

The Pros and Cons: Should Students Have Homework

Homework is a normal part of any academic course and learning level. It counts in your grades but, unfortunately, takes away most of your college time that you would have spent on more interesting activities or personal projects. Is the homework necessary at any level of learning or is it a trend that has been overtaken by time? 

The Pros and Cons: Should Students Have Homework

The debate on the value of homework has been ranging for a while. Experts, students, and educational administrators are yet to agree on the value of homework. A look at the pros and cons of homework will help the undecided persons to choose the most reasonable grounds for homework. 


Helps students to practice what they learned in class

The teacher and his class sessions are designed to introduce learners to the concepts outlined in the curriculum. Time limitation and the need to attend to other students mean that the teacher has limited time. It is, therefore, upon the student to practice these concepts at his time. You can use homework cheat websites to help you complete the assignments to spare time for more interesting personal engagements. 

Practice helps the students to understand better. If a student faces challenges with the assignment, he can revisit the lesson or look for alternative learning materials. By the time the student moves to the next topic, he understand the basics taught in the previous one. 

Make it easier to catch up during the next lesson

Students would abandon books if they did not have any homework. They would not remember the concepts taught in the previous lesson if the last encounter with the books was in class. As the students work on the assignments, they will be reminding themselves of what was learned in class. It will be easier to recall during the next lesson. 

Test and affirm independence 

Students in class answer questions under the guidance of their teachers. However, they have no one to depend on once they get home. They learn to answer questions alone. They will need the skills during exams. 


Takes time that would have been spent on creative projects

Homework is defined and only repeats the concepts taught in class. Students are better left on their own to explore and apply the ideas taught. A student who understands the concept and is forced to repeat through homework is only wasting time that would have been spent on other more productive engagements. 

Causes unnecessary stress 

Homework is the leading cause of stress among students. They spend the entire day in class with syllabus content yet are forced to still sit through hours of homework. They have no time to relax after long sessions in class. It results in stress, mental and physical fatigue, as well as burnout. Homework makes college life unbearable for many. 

Some situations require the issuance of homework to help the kids revise the concepts taught in class. In other instances, it is a waste of time and an unnecessary burden to students. Teachers and the education system should look for alternatives to homework to avoid burdening students. 

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