Understanding intimate relationships

Understanding intimate relationships

Intimacy is not fully understood by most people. It is not about getting down and dirty, but is about bearing your skin and soul, being vulnerable with another person, entrusting them with your feelings, thoughts, and your body. 

Sex that is based then on intimacy enjoys a different status, as opposed to a wham-bam routine, or a sex based on duty as opposed to genuine intimacy and need. 

However, understandably, intimate sex is not easy, especially if you already struggle with trust issues. Baring yourself to another person does not come easily to everyone. 

So, while your hang-ups are completely rational, you are also depriving yourself of something special. It may also help to seek help from an expert like a sexologist in lahore when accosted with this problem. 

To further convince you, here are some benefits of intimate sex:

Better health 

Sex is good for health, and when it is intimate sex, it is great for your health. Sex helps in improving longevity. It also is good for improved cardiovascular health as well. 

Moreover, as sex aids in improved sleep, it also then helps in averting the dangers to health that occur with lack of sleep, including obesity, chronic diseases, cognitive issues. 


Intimate sex also helps in promoting contentment. It makes you more peaceful and happier, that then aids in you becoming content in your life. Moreover, intimate sex also helps in strengthening your relationship, and a good companionship is an important ledge for contentment to stand on.  

Good mood 

Intimate sex has a great impact on your mood. It leads to the release of endorphins, that helps in boosting the mood. Moreover, it also helps in the release of serotonin, which aids in not only making you feel better, but it also helps in preventing the symptoms of depression. 

Good-bye stress 

Due to the releases of positive chemicals in the aftermath of sex, the impact of stress hormones is then reduced. Moreover, intimate sex also aids in reducing anxiety as well. 

Hence, it has a great impact on your mental health. 

Improved self-esteem 

Being good in bed is a great way to boost ego, after all, you helped someone summit the mount of happiness and ecstasy — good for you. But that’s not the only way intimate sex helps with better self-esteem; when you realize that your body is powerful enough to give pleasure to your partner and that your body is powerful enough to fulfil someone’s primal need, and when you yourself realize how beautiful your body is, it inadvertently helps in boosting your self-esteem. 

But how to get intimate?

Now that you are convinced about partaking in intimate sex with your spouse, the important question is that how to encourage intimacy. While every relationship has its own trajectory, here are some helpful things that you can try: 

Prioritize each other 

To allow for intimacy to build, it is vital that you prioritize each other. Pay attention to your partner’s needs. Be their person. Talk about not just the things pertaining to sex, but life in general, and that will help your sex life as well. 

Show your love 

Showing how much you value your partner also helps in building intimacy. 

Talk to your partner

Lack of effective communication can be an impediment to your relationship from developing. It may also then hamper your journey of getting intimate with your partner. 

Hence, it’s pertinent that you talk to your partner. If something is not working out for you, tell them. They are, like you, trying to figure it all out. Help them, and, take their response as well. 

Get help 

There might be baggage from the past, or problems in your relationship that are preventing you from experiencing intimate sex. In such instances, it can help to seek counsel from a mental health expert whom you can consult via oladoc.com.  

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