Ways Startups Can Optimize Remote Working

Ways Startups Can Optimize Remote Working

During the pandemic, the trend of working from home accelerated because people were confined in their homes. But today, many businesses, especially startups, have started embracing a fully remote work model. 

There are several benefits to this. 

  • It helps companies to save dollars every month by not leasing an office. 
  • It also helps employees to save money as they do not have to pay for relocating, transportation, etc. 
  • It allows employers to access a wider talent pool without any location restrictions.
  • Many times, working from home is more productive than working from the office.
  • Finally, the WFH culture provides a flexible working schedule for both employees and employers. 

While there are many benefits of remote work, people face some downsides. And that is because employers still do not know how to optimize this work culture. 

Are you struggling to find a perfect strategy to work efficiently from home? Don’t worry! Here are some simple ways to optimize remote working and increase your profits. 

Remote Work Optimization

There are several drawbacks of remote working. Communication is difficult. And as there is no physical place where your workers can come together, they might feel alienated. But you can compensate for all those with an effective strategy.

You need to restructure your company according to remote work to operate more efficiently and enjoy the advantages of remote work while minimizing the drawbacks. 

You might have to make several decisions, adopt various tools & technologies, and restructure the working of your organization, but in the end, you will be able to optimize the work and enjoy its benefits. 

Note: Scheduling meetings can be difficult while working remotely. You struggle to get the time when everyone is free. And it is time-consuming and tedious work to contact each team member to set a time. Here you can use these sync solutions by Itrezzo to avoid this mess and exchange shared calendars. 

Asynchronous Working

Asynchronous working simply means that employees are not expected to be online at the same time and complete the work simultaneously. They have the flexibility of working in their decided time. 

Many companies think it is more efficient to set core working hours for all employees for remote working. But it is the complete opposite, as when people are working from their home, they have to manage various things at the same time. Even if they are online at the scheduled time, their attention may be diverted to something else. 

Providing asynchronous working allows employees to enjoy the freedom and choose their working hours according to their convenience. All you have to do is set a realistic deadline and provide a clear picture of the overall project. Now the employees will themselves break the task into manageable terms and work according to their routine. 

This strategy can reduce stress and ensure that the employees can complete a task at the set deadline. 

Scheduled Movement Break

When people work from their home, they are always stuck to the desktop screen. It is harmful to their health. As they forget to take regular breaks and improve their blood circulation. 

As an employee, it is your responsibility to educate your team about the benefits of regular movement breaks while working. 

Easy Access to Information 

While your team is working remotely, they must have access to the required documents. Managers and employees can upload the documents to the cloud or in the team chat room so that every team member can keep them. It also builds trust with transparency among the team members, and no one suffers if one is absent. 

You can also use various tools to allow employees to access specific documents related to their work. It also ensures that only required employees can access said information. 

Right Tools

When people are working remotely, the only thing everyone can rely on is digital tools. You should start by identifying your pain points and needs and choose a business or project management tool to keep your work going.

You can find different types of tools in the market to simplify your work. Some of them are: 

  • Video conferencing platform
  • Project management tools
  • HR tools
  • File hosting service
  • Remote desktop 
  • And many more.

But don’t overload your team with several programs and tools simultaneously as it becomes more of a burden than a help. You have to strategically invest in tools and keep them minimal and compact to use them efficiently. 


The only thing that can make or break your remote team’s productivity is communication. When people are working remotely, they are more likely to feel alienated from their team. It creates a kind of communication deadlock that is not good for the business operation.

You can use a variety of communication channels such as emails, project management programs, video chat, telephone calls, and messaging platforms to boost communication within the team. 

You can also schedule various virtual activities to improve the bond between the team members. For instance, you can schedule a happy coffee break, virtual lunch dates, exercise, or any other team-building activities. 

But make sure not to overdo meetings as it can affect the work-life harmony of your employee. 


While working remotely has numerous advantages, there are several drawbacks too. Most importantly are security risks. 

To protect your business from any threat, you have to adjust your standards & procedures and follow various security policies. You will also have to invest in tools like VPNs and firewalls to maximize security.


You can leverage the benefit of feedback to improve your remote work culture. You can collect feedback from the employee to identify the problems they are facing and scopes where changes are possible. 

Final Words

As a startup, working from home is an advantageous position for you. It will help you to save money in several ways and spend it where it seems necessary. 

And if you can visualize your business to work virtually shortly, you need to ensure that you are equal with adequate physical and digital tools. Also, keep on updating your strategies to boost productivity. 

Lastly, the success of any remote working organization depends on communication. So, make sure to develop strong communication channels to improve the working relationship of the employees.

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