What is the average settlement for a car accident while pregnant?

What is the average settlement for a car accident while pregnant?

Accidents can be traumatizing, especially when a pregnant woman is involved. Since the complications after the incident may be more severe and fatal, this would also mean higher medical fees and treatment. 

Did you recently get in a car accident while being pregnant? If so, you may need compensation for your injuries. But how much does an average settlement cost in Florida? Does it vary depending on several factors? If you are in this situation, here are the things you should know. 

Before anything else, prioritize your health

After being in the crash, the most important thing you need to do is go to the doctor. 

It does not matter if you are not feeling anything or if there are no obvious signs of injury. Since there are complications that are not visible to the naked eye, it would be extremely unwise to put yourself and your child into even more danger by not going to a medical professional.

Once you are able to get examined, make sure to ask for a medical report from your doctor. You will be able to use the documents once you ask for compensation later on. 

What are the factors that will affect the amount of your settlement?

Determining the average settlement for a car accident that involves a pregnant woman can be complicated. In some cases, the settlement value may be $20,000, while others may be worth millions, especially if the accident resulted in the wrongful death of the mother, the unborn baby, or both.

Since there are a lot of things that may affect its actual value, the following are the things that will be considered when determining the settlement amount in your particular case:

Economic damages

Economic damages are losses that have a determined value. This means that they are the damages that have a set financial cost and are easy to compute according to their price.

To prove economic damages, you and your family should keep every receipt of your medical treatment fees, medication costs, and other fees for your rehabilitation. 

What are the different types of economic damages?

  1. Past and future medical bills 
  2. Medication costs
  3. Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  4. Transportation costs
  5. Loss of income
  6. Expenses that the victim has to pay related to the accident
  7. Damage to property
  8. And more

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages are losses that do not have a determined value. Compared to economic losses, there is no documentation or receipts that can usually be presented as evidence. However, a jury can still consider the losses and award damages as long as the plaintiff can prove their suffering and distress. 

What are the different types of non-economic damages?

  1. Pain and suffering

Aside from the physical pain and discomfort, there is also the trauma and mental anguish that the victims and their families may be subjected to. If the accident was not their fault and they should have been safe, they deserve the chance to get compensation for what they have been through.

  1. Loss of enjoyment and quality of life

Depending on the severity of the accident, it may affect the victim’s quality of life considerably. They may feel less enjoyment and may find themselves unable to do the things they want or were able to do before the incident. Aside from the mental distress, the accident may not only affect their personal life but also their workplace. 

  1. Loss of consortium and companionship

In the case where the mother and/or the unborn child dies, their loved ones should be compensated for the lives that were lost.

Florida’s Statute of Limitations

It is a sad fact that there are hundreds of pregnancies that were affected because of a car accident every year in the United States alone. To ensure that the process is fair to both the defendant and plaintiff, there is a limit to filing a lawsuit so that the parties have the chance to disprove or protect their legal rights.

In Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is often limited to four years. Hence, you should know that there is a deadline to file a claim as it may affect your case significantly. Once you go over the deadline, the court may choose to not hear your case.

Call BC Law’s legal experts today

Car accidents can change lives in just a blink of an eye. 

If you are a pregnant individual who has unfortunately been involved in an auto accident, you may need assistance with your medical bills, treatment fees, therapy, and more. BC Law is here to be of service.

We know how traumatizing it can be to be in an accident, especially if you have an unborn baby relying on you. With our years of experience, our attorneys will make sure that you will get fair compensation for both your economic and non-economic damages. 

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