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Hi. Here is the We’ve always believed in web openness. Therefore, we are stating that we’ve placed certain items and links to those products on our site for which SPI Media LLC will receive an affiliate income if you make a purchase. Our objective with the blog is to help educate you on the opportunities that exist for a blogger on virtually any subject, but please keep in mind that we are doing this as a for-profit company, and you should, too, unless you have some philanthropic venture in mind.

The site has become so large that it is practically hard to go back through and include every program with which we have an affiliate connection. To be protected, assume that any connections interfacing you to items or administrations are associated connections from which SPI Media LLC will procure payment. Having said that, there are a large number of things and administrations connected with contributing to a blog and creating cash online accessible on the web. We only endorse items or services that we have thoroughly researched and believe will provide you with value. Examples include the Buzzsprout, Teachable, and Circle banners. We also work as an affiliate and advisor for companies like Leadpages, ConvertKit, and Samcart. is also a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Network, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to offer a way for websites to earn advertising revenue by advertising on and linking to

Please keep in mind that we were not offered any complimentary items, services, or anything else in return for promoting these firms on the site. The only thing that matters is affiliate commissions or money as an advisor for select firms.

Recommendations & Amazon Affiliate Links

When readers purchase things through our links in many of our posts, especially those about gear, we may receive a small compensation.

This has no bearing on which items are mentioned in the articles, and in most cases, our writers are unaware of which businesses and products pay us a commission. Regardless of any affiliate ties, all of the items we showcase are recommended for their quality, performance, and general reputation.

In reality, a lot of the stuff we recommend comes from tiny, boutique stores and shops that create small quantities of things and don’t provide any kind of affiliate relationship at all. In our list of the finest waxed canvas backpacks or hammocks under quilts, for example, you’ll see that the majority of the packs or quilts originate from tiny manufacturers who don’t pay us any sales commissions for suggesting them.

However, these are some of the greatest items available, and we endorse them.

We endeavor to propose things that are proper for most of the crowds, and our top choices are frequently named as follows:

  • Editorial manager’s Pick: the best in general choice in view of execution and remarks.
  • Upgrade selection: areas where it makes sense to invest more money
  • Best value: equipment that provides the greatest bang for the buck.

The revenues we earn from these articles allow us to pay our authors the highest possible rates and to devote as much time and attention to the research and vetting side of the review process as possible. We don’t want to cut shortcuts, and we want to compensate authors and gear testers fairly.

If we receive gear to evaluate directly from brands, we’ll include it in the review, but the majority of the gear we field test is purchased. “Sponsored” refers to any businesses or goods that pay for marketing or advertising on the site.

Assuming you have any inquiries about the abovementioned, kindly don’t spare a moment to get in touch with us through the contact page.

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