In the Manufacturing Industry, a new technology is always being developed, and an old one is being phased out. Managing production, inventory, and the supply chain in addition to keeping up with these changes can be very challenging. This is where Manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software comes into the picture. 

With Odoo Manufacturing ERP, Manufacturers may track materials, keep tabs on the status of each order, and create comprehensive production plans to streamline these procedures. This facilitates the process of tracking inventory levels and identifying and resolving production issues. In this article, we will explore the key reasons why manufacturers should consider Odoo ERP as their ERP solution of choice and how Bista Solutions can make your manufacturing easy.

Challenges of the Manufacturing Industry

  • Need to Manufacture High-Quality Products Continuously
  • Need to Reduce the Cost of Manufacturing
  • Need to Plan the Finance
  • Need to come up with Strategies for Retail
  • Need to Satisfy the Customers for the Commitments
  • Need to Manage and Follow the Government Guidelines

Why Manufacturing Industry need an ERP solution?

Businesses across all sectors use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to manage their operations in a centralized, integrated system. Usually, ERP is used by industries dealing with the manufacturing, manufacturing industry. ERP essentially assists companies in keeping track of and monitoring every moving component involved in production and delivery. ERP Software is not just for big businesses; companies of all sizes can use it to their advantage. A strong ERP system is necessary for the manufacturing sector to stay ahead of the competition in the age of advanced technology. 

Manufacturing Management

  • Preparing the Production Process
  • Establishing Work Centers
  • The Making of Work Orders
  • Establishing the Master Production Schedule
  • Automating the Shop Floor
  • Routing Goods and Supplies
  • Panels for Process Control
  • Assigning Lead Times for Manufacturing

Why Odoo ERP Is The Best Fit For Manufacturing Business?

Using open-source working methodologies, Odoo streamlines an organization’s entire manufacturing process. A manufacturing business user can automate all business functionalities on a single platform by using the customized solutions offered by Odoo ERP.

The following are the main reasons to opt with Odoo ERP for Manufacturing Business needs.

  • The Odoo ERP can streamline the entire process, from managing raw materials to delivering finished goods to customers, all within a single platform.
  • Based on customizations for specific business needs, Odoo Modular Solutions helps its users meet cutting-edge technological market requirements.
  • Cost savings are the imperative benefits delivered by Odoo ERP for manufacturing since the TCO is comparatively less which results in increased RoI.

Bista Solutions Modules of Odoo Manufacturing ERP

  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Quality Management

Recognize the Features of Bista Solutions Odoo Manufacturing ERP

Bill of Materials (BoM)

Bills for all materials purchased for manufacturing can be created with the support of the Best ERP for Manufacturing. Just one click calculates the number of products left in the inventory after purchase, as well as compiles bills for various materials.

Customized Service

Being a passionate team, we provide each one of our clients with personalized ERP applications. The best-suited ERP tool is provided for Discrete Manufacturers and Process Manufacturers.

Comprehensive Reports

Make smart decisions to expand your business and clients by using the thorough reports generated by the Odoo Manufacturing ERP software.

Optimize Productivity

Clients can get insights on inventory, work centers, work orders, and workforce utilization with our user-friendly Odoo ERP. It guarantees real-time tracking of work orders, purchases, procedures, and product delivery.

Quality Analysis

You can implement automated quality analysis at the production, distribution, and purchase levels with the aid of Odoo ERP.

Scheduling and Planning

Our manufacturing industry-specific Odoo ERP software is ready to help you schedule all of your manufacturing processes and modify them as needed. Using the best manufacturing ERP software also makes it easier to plan your workforce and work centers, prepare your material bills, and track and manage work orders.

User friendly

Bista Solutions being the best and gold Odoo partner, our ERP software is developed in a user-friendly manner ensuring minimal data entry work. Using Odoo manufacturing software will make managing your business game as easy as using a joystick.

24×7 Support

We offer 24×7 support to our clients. You can be guaranteed the best service and client training facility at all times by working with our Odoo implementation company.

Ensure Quality Control with Our Comprehensive Manufacturing Software

We have a team of skilled and qualified Odoo Specialists who are aware of the fine details distinctive to the manufacturing sector and can create solutions that are tailored to your particular needs.

Furthermore, client satisfaction is our top priority, and we work hard to overcome your expectations with our first-rate assistance and service. Our team works diligently to ensure that your Odoo implementation inventory control and production management is seamless and hassle-free, from start to finish.

To ensure that businesses of all sizes can use our services, we provide competitive pricing along with flexible payment plans. Our Odoo Solutions help streamline your manufacturing operations and improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 

Why Bista Solutions?

  • Among the Top Odoo Gold Partners globally with strong Implementation, Integration, and support capabilities.
  • 250+ Odoo Professional Developers and Consultants team with exceptional Domain Knowledge collaborated with various Manufacturing Leaders and able to handle Odoo engagement of any size, scope, and complexities.
  • Consultative and Customized Approach to engagements delivering transformative Odoo Solutions to Manufacturing and providing value with our tailored solution.
  • We use cutting-edge technology and the latest tools to enhance your ROI.
  • Bista Solutions works as a problem-solver and constantly focuses on the problems, practices, and people of your business to develop specialized solutions.
  • We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and use cost-effective, high-quality resources in our development processes.

Final Thoughts

We at Bista Solutions provide the world’s best Open-Source ERP – Odoo. This amazing software is a one-stop solution to manage your entire manufacturing process. From planning to scheduling to production to inventory management to quality control and so on. We take care of everything including predictive maintenance, quality control, and demand forecasting. In this fast-evolving environment, this is the ideal time for any manufacturer to implement this cutting-edge automation.

By implementing Odoo ERP for Manufacturing, you can transform your manufacturing process and stay ahead in the market. Embrace the power of Odoo Manufacturing and unlock the full potential of your manufacturing business.

Contact Bista Solutions today to get started on your ERP journey to unlock the full potential of your Manufacturing Management.