One of the many things that can get monotonous during a workday is figuring out what to do for lunch. You may get tired of bringing the same boring sandwich every day, and it can get expensive going out to eat. For lunch deals near me, look no further than Papa Johns. It offers a variety of ways to save money, it has great options for lunch, and it delivers right to your office. When you want a change, order online or via the phone and expect to be wowed.

Lunch Specials Nearby

Lunch does not have to break the bank. Along with a diverse Papa Johns menu, it is easy to find specials and discounts. 

Neighborhood Deals

One of the first places to begin your search for deals is at your local store. Once you find its website, go to its ‘specials’ section. There you will find a wide selection of deals that are specific to that location. Some are meant to feed a crowd, such as if you are hosting lunch for your coworkers, while others are perfect for a lunch for one or two people.

One example that is perfect for lunch is the Papa Pairings. This allows you to mix and match items from the menu and only pay $6.99 for each one. One of the available options is the Papadia. Never heard of it? It is a sandwich filled with your favorite pizza combinations, such as:

  • Meatball pepperoni
  • Grilled buffalo chicken
  • BBQ chicken and bacon
  • Italian
  • Philly cheesesteak

Pair your Papadia with one of the other pairing items. Options include a medium 1-topping pizza, sides, desserts, and wings. When it comes to wings, you may choose either the traditional wings or the boneless ones. Order them in your favorite flavor, whether it is BBQ, buffalo, hot lemon pepper, honey chipotle, or garlic parmesan.

If you prefer pizza, there are many associated specials. Other examples of deals you may find include a family deal, lunch for two, and 25% off your total order. 

Discount Notifications

Another way to find specials is to sign up to receive emails from Papa Johns. On a regular basis, you will find email-only discounts in your inbox that you can take advantage of. You may also choose to download the app and discover discounts that are only available when you order through the app.

Discounts on Delivery

When looking for pizza deals near me, there is a good chance you will find discounts on delivery. This may be for a large 1-topping pizza or a family deal. No matter what type of food you are in the mood for, you should be able to find discounts and have it delivered to you.

Lunch does not have to be boring or expensive. Papa Johns is open and ready to deliver your favorites. Search for specials at your local store or online, and you will discover there are many different ways to save money. Grab a couple of friends from work and make a delicious meal out of the options available.

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