Your customers have become quite the tech-nerds as years have passed by. The entire demographic that you had been catering to has become a lot more aware of what they want from their mobile devices. How they visualize your brand amid the technological advancement that has been changing your industry for quite a while now has evolved immensely. This is where it becomes even more important for you as an entrepreneur to develop a mobile version of your desktop website. The following section talks about a few very strong reasons to invest in it right now:

  1. Who Can Say No To A Better SEO Ranking?

Can you say no to a better SEO ranking? Obviously not because according to research, you can benefit a lot from added SEO. Do you know where more than 94% of worldwide searches occur these days? On your mobile devices! This is because mobile devices are a lot more friendly as compared to desktop computers. They are lightweight and they are easy to carry. They also give your brand the desired visibility on the leading search engines. This results in better traction with your existing customers and you get more opportunities to discover untapped markets as well.

  1. Social Media Followers Galore!

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all have dedicated apps for their users. If you do not have a mobile version of your website that allows your users to transition from your website to their social media apps seamlessly, you are going to miss out on at least 31% of your market share right away. For example, you can put active links to all your social media platforms on your mobile website and make them clickable. Your users can visit your profile with a single click and connect with you on their app for a more personal conversation. This increases their overall level of satisfaction with your brand as well.

  1. What About Giving Your Customers A Fabulous Experience?

Don’t you want to ensure that your customers have a terrific experience using your mobile website? This is why you are supposed to associate with a reputable Mobile Web Development Company in your city. When you have a mobile version of your desktop website, you get nearly 43% more conversions. If you make sure that your mobile website opens up in 3 seconds or less, you have found a way to increase your sales by almost 52%. Do remember these statistics when creating a mobile website for your business in 2022.

  1. Beat Your Competition Hands Down

Having a mobile website for your business is a sure-shot way to beat your competitors. If your rivals in the market have a responsive and scalable website design that responds well to mobile devices, you can do that too. In most cases, you can do that better than your rivals. By conducting research on what they have been doing up until now and how they are keeping their customers intact, you can deliver an even better experience with faster loading times, a cleaner interface, better animations, and a lot more.

Final Thoughts

By investing in the right mobile version of your existing website you will be slicing your competition in half. You will be on your way to double your market share in a matter of 6 months or even less. Remember, 94% of searches happen on mobile devices.

Author Bio: Susan G. Smith is a Freelancer advertiser with OutreachMonks. He is a tech ninja and has a pizazz for composing as well. He loves sharing his bits of knowledge and encounters through his writeups on driving tech websites.