Driving Tips for Beginners in Dubai

Driving Tips for Beginners in Dubai

Driving is a life skill and a thrilling experience. Mastering any skills is a time-taking process. You can start learning today and expect to be mastering the art of driving in a week. You should be open to challenges and the struggles that learning the art of driving might bring. Being a beginner at driving, you should take precautions to drive safely. With focus and persistence, you can get your hands on it. 

We have discussed here some of the driving tips in Dubai for beginners. If you have recently graduated in driving, you can easily rent a car from car rental companies like One Click Drive and drive through the city and brush up on your skills. These car rental companies have the required insurance included in the rental fees and cover up for some accidental damage. However, you should still keep these driving tips in mind if you are a beginner.

  1. Follow the traffic rules

The first and the most important thing is to follow the traffic rules in Dubai. The roads of Dubai are very well-constructed. There are multiple flyovers, highways, cross lanes, speedy driveways, etc. Driving on the busy roads of Dubai is not an easy task. Make sure you follow the traffic signals. Learn and understand the traffic rules before you begin to drive on the roads of Dubai. Not following the traffic rules can lead to serious repercussions like accidents or hefty fines. It may sometimes also lead to the cancellation of your license. Know the essential signs. They are written in both Arabic and English. Once you are acquainted with the rules, driving will be much easier. 

      2. Know your car

Whether you are driving an Audi or a Nissan, or any other car, make sure that you are familiar with its functionalities before you start driving. The car is not just about the accelerator, breaks, and the steering wheel; there is much more that you should know. Go through the handbook of the car. Check the foot controls, breaks, knobs, windows, locks, gears, handbrake, etc. Always remember to wear a seatbelt. Knowing the functionality of your car will help you drive safely and better. 

     3. Do not use mobile phones while driving

The use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited in Dubai. If you are a beginner, you must not even use a hands-free call to converse in the car as it can cause distraction and lead to disasters. If it is necessary to take a call, pull over at the nearest junction and take the call. However, avoid taking calls and concentrate on your driving under any circumstances. 

     4. Maintain distance between two cars

Ensure that your car always maintains enough distance from the car in front and behind you. Driving too closely can become extremely dangerous. If drivers do not get enough time to act, it will end in collisions. Therefore maintaining proper distance becomes important. The ideal distance is 2 seconds, giving the driver the time to observe and act and stop if there is an emergency. 

     5. Do not tailgate

Drivers should be aware when they are tailgating other drivers. Tailgating invites a panicked response that is safe for you and all those around you. You must not get confused when other drivers give long, unpaused honks and try flashing lights to increase your speed. Do not get confused. When other drivers try to move you out of your way, remember that if you break the traffic rules, you will be the one inviting a ticket for your reckless driving or a black star for not following the rules. So make sure that you remain unhindered by the noise.

      6. Do not drink and drive

Since you are a beginner, you must remember that drinking and driving can lead to accidents and cause huge fines and license cancellation. Remember, driving under the influence of alcohol is unsafe for you and the others around you.

       7. Do not Overspeed

Driving at a very high speed may cause you to lose control of your car. As a beginner, you do not have a very good command over driving, so it is always important to maintain the speed limit while driving. Do not become a reckless driver. The traffic signals in the emirates vividly specify the speed limits and the traffic volumes. Overspeeding can also cause serious accidents. 

        8. Be careful of sudden swerving

Swerving is suddenly changing lanes and diverting from it. Sudden diversions distract other drivers on the road and the ones driving. The main cause of swerving is that drivers make haste and unplanned decisions about their destination. So they quickly take a turn. To be safe on the road, you need to plan your journey, know the road map, and think before you act. 

        9. Use your indicators correctly while changing lanes

Changing lanes is another important point to keep in mind if you are a beginner in driving. Have a strong decision-making power. Once you decide that you want to go either left or right, give the right indicator. Sudden and abrupt turns without proper indication can often lead to accidents. 

       10. Be confident but not overconfident

You might, at a point, think that you have mastered the art of driving and start overspeeding. You must not do that. Remember, ‘Rome was not built in a day. You need to keep practicing before you become perfect at driving. Also, do not be timid and think that you do not know how to drive. Be confident in your driving skills and whatever you have learned. Do not lose focus. Keep your eyes on the road. Be aware of the Dubai roads; it gets slippery when it rains. So stay focused and be confident while driving. 

    11. A Bonus Tip

Predict Driver Behavior

Given the large number of expected population in Dubai, drivers on the road here come from different countries and backgrounds. Though majority drivers go through rigorous training in driving schools. Given their experience, they are quite unpredictable. Hence its best to predict the worst behavior and last minute lane change and turns. Always keep a safe distance especially in roundabouts and a foot ready on the brake.

The best way to brush your skills up is to rent a car from top car rental companies in Dubai like One Click  Drive. This platform allows you to choose the car that will help you enhance your skills. You can also rent your favorite and top models once you have gained the driving skill. 

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