How to Save Time While Writing a Customized Message

How to Save Time While Writing a Customized Message

Sending a personalized message to your customers can be a great way to show them that you care. However, if you don’t know how to do it efficiently, it can also be time-consuming. We will discuss some tips for saving time while writing customized messages. By following these tips, you will create heartfelt messages quickly and easily.

1. Make Use of Your Pre-Written Messages

You might have created some pre-written messages for your store to use in situations such as order confirmations, updated shipping information, and other updates. If this is the case, use these messages whenever possible. We suggest putting together a bank of at least 20 template messages that you can use to keep your messages brief but still show customers that you care.

2. Use the Word “You” In Your Messages

It is essential to give customers personalized service, and this is best done by using the word “you” in all of your SMS marketing. This will make it seem like there is a natural person on the other end of the message, which will make your customer feel special.

3. Find the Right Tone For Your Email

Sending a heartfelt message is not difficult, but finding the right tone can be. Before you begin writing anything, ask yourself, “What am I trying to convey?” While some customized messages may be funny or lighthearted, others should come across as more professional and sincere. For example, for someone who recently experienced a loss in their family, you may want to avoid SMS marketing that contains jokes or casual language. A heartfelt message should come across as genuine and sincere.

4. Write out Your Standardized Messages Separately

One of the quickest ways to write customized messages is first to write out your standardized notes separately. These messages do not need to belong- they need to fulfill a particular function within your emails. Some examples of these types of notifications include:

  • Thank you for shopping with us today.
  • We hope you have a great day.

When you are finished writing your standardized messages, re-write them in the first person. For example: “Thank you for shopping with us today.” would be changed to “Thank YOU for shopping with us today.” Include the customer’s name somewhere in the message.

5. Include Common Phrases in Your Messages

Have trouble coming up with customized messages for some of your recent customers? Include common phrases in your notes. When writing these messages, you should NOT refer to the customer directly. Instead, use terms like “a recent customer” or “a previous customer.” Common phrases include:

  • Thank you for being a loyal customer.
  • We hope to see you again soon.
  • Thank you for your purchase.
  • It was great seeing your name in our store today.

6. Use Templates Sparingly

Templates are another quick way to write customized messages, but they should be used sparingly. For example, using a template for your newsletter opt-out notice is acceptable because this type of message will be sent to many of your customers. It is short and straightforward enough that you may not remember exactly how it was written later. However, we do not recommend using templates for heartfelt messages (unless you have written the same letter many times before). Templates can often come across as “canned” and insincere.

7. Ask a Partner to Proofread Your Messages

If you have a hard time writing customized messages, ask a partner or coworker to proofread them. Send the email draft to the person and ask for feedback. They may not be familiar with customized messages, but they will know if the overall tone of your emails is off.

8. Don’t Give Up

Writing heartfelt messages can be difficult, especially if you do not spend a lot of time writing these types of emails regularly. However, with some practice and editing, you should be able to write heartfelt messages quickly and easily.


With all of this information in your mind, try writing out some personalized messages. Remember to use the first person and avoid writing long standardized notes when possible. Then, ask a coworker or partner for feedback on your email drafts. If you follow these steps carefully, you should quickly write heartfelt messages.

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