Electronic document flow is a great assistance for business, which will help to minimize expenses on paper documents, reduce risks of distortion of information data, accounting errors, loss of documents. Nowadays many companies already use document workflow. The implementation of electronic accounting expands business opportunities. The service helps all participants of workflow exchange documents.

The program of the document workflow process is installed on the computer, it is an electronic service (a special application in the browser), in which templates of some documents are already installed. It is very convenient to keep documents electronically, because it is easy to enter data and there are no mistakes while filling them in. It takes a couple of clicks to complete and send the documents. There is also a search to find the documents you need for work. 

Modern workflow automation software saves time and money in businesses of all sizes.

Benefits that users get:

  • Document transparency, the user sees the stages of completion and adjustments have been made.
  • Less routine work and no errors, which is important when you’re completing complex transactions.
  • Documents are not lost and you can easily find them for work and review.
  • Information is secure, with data sent through channels that are highly secure.
  • The company reduces costs related to archiving, filing, and document management.

How to move to workflow automation software?

The transition to electronic documentation is gradual. You need to keep in mind that not all business partners will use document workflow electronically. 

How do you determine that a transition to electronic workflow is required? Answer a series of questions, and if most of them have a “no” answer, it’s time to choose document workflow process software. 

  • You can quickly find all the necessary cards and documents when conflicts arise.
  • Availability of a database with information on transactions and operations at all times.
  • The whole chain of document approvals is clear and simple and always in front of your eyes.
  • View which documents your counterparties have signed.

When choosing workflow automation software, you should consider the capabilities of the service. The software should have an easy filter search, different access rights for employees, access to the documents from different devices.

Users choose document workflow in the PandaDoc program 

PandaDoc program is in demand among representatives of business of different scale, because it has extended functionality. This service makes it possible to conduct successful transactions, exchange documents, and give electronic signatures. Adjustments can be made to documents, documents can be uploaded for sending to counterparties. Transactions are conducted in real time, each stage is tracked and recorded. There is an opportunity to add additional options, analytics. The service already has ready-made official contract templates for the document workflow process; these are contracts and agreements that can be adjusted to the needs of the organization and coordinate with the database settings of the enterprise or organization.

Testing of the program is free for a two-week period. After using the trial version, the user decides whether it is necessary or not to use the service for business purposes.