Does Your Teenager Want to Work But Can’t Find a Job?

Is your teen looking for work but finding it difficult to find a job because the economy has hit everyone so hard? In one way or another, it appears that everyone is affected. With all of the job losses and business closures, the family’s breadwinner has difficulty finding work to settle for jobs that teenagers usually fill. Working for a date or gas money is difficult for a teenager to compete with a man or woman working to feed their families. Most of the time, the employer will fill these positions with someone they believe is more motivated to stick it out and be more dedicated to the job.

Another major issue for young teenagers is that most businesses will not hire children under 16, putting children aged 15 and under at a significant disadvantage. Younger teenagers may not be working for date money or even gas money yet, but their allowances would be one of the first expenses to be cut from the family budget with their parents out of work. They still require some spending money to begin saving for college or a car and go to the mall with their friends or to purchase video games between birthdays and holidays and have cash for the extras at school. When you’re a teenager, buying a soda or paying to see a movie with your friends is an important part of socializing. Teenagers, young and old, want to believe that they can buy things without asking Mom or Dad for permission.

The problem with all of this is that, even though jobs are being cut and salaries are being lost, I don’t see movie prices or gas prices falling at the same rate. Teenagers need a way to earn money now more than ever, not enough to live on, but enough to learn responsibility and independence. Another issue with younger teens is that they have limited access to it even if they can find work when their parents are working. If they are fortunate enough to walk to work, that is fantastic; however, most will not be so lucky.

Fortunately, there is a way for kids to make money right in their own homes, without the need for gas or a ride from Mom or Dad. The internet, of course, is available on a flexible schedule, and they can work around their schoolwork and chores. Sure, my child can surf the web, talk on Facebook, watch YouTube, email, and instant message, but they have no idea how to build or design a website. You don’t have to know all of that to have a website, which is great news for kids and adults who aren’t web designers or HTML experts. There are numerous ways to set up and run a website without having any of that knowledge. You can now design and run various businesses on the web as you learn how it works, but it is easier than ever for a beginner.

You can create your website using one of the many free website builders available on the internet. Even so, complete beginners now have the opportunity to make money by simply giving away (yes, I said giving away) an eBook. I know it sounds crazy, but for a beginner, you can’t beat it, and in most cases, the website can be up and running in a matter of hours; all your teen has to do is put a link to their site (designed for them) on their Facebook and MySpace pages, as well as in all their emails. They can distribute their link in any way they want, using any method they want. They can go even further if they’re going to get their link by posting free ads on the internet (they will be given some sample ads to operate or use as examples), Craigslist, article sites like this one, or wherever else they want. It’s out there!

This can all be done on their own time, when they want to work on it, in between homework and chores, on weekends, whenever they want, and they will never need a ride to work or gas money. Can you imagine how proud your teen will be when their website allows them to earn their own spending money?

If this all sounds a little “too good to be true,” then check it out, read the Free eBook, and decide for yourself whether this is something your teen can do. This is also an excellent way for them to learn about internet marketing and to build a foundation for a career that will allow them to avoid the glass ceilings that working for a typical corporate company would impose. Read our guides to find a job.

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