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The 9 Best Smart TVs Under $200 You Can Buy in 2021

While it’s difficult to disagree with a $2000 OLED TV being the greatest TV on the market right now, everyone’s demands and priorities are different. And sometimes all you want is the best Smart TVs under $200.

Perhaps you require a second television for your bedroom. Perhaps you want a screen that doesn’t take up the entire room. Perhaps you’re on a shoestring budget. Whatever the reasons, they are all valid. And there are some excellent selections from the most budget flat-screen TV manufacturers, such as TCL, Vizio, and Insignia, so you can be assured that you’ll be getting a well-made TV. This summer, there are also a lot of amazing TV discounts.

1. LED Smart TV from TCL’s 3-Series


Take everything that makes our top selection, the Hisense H4F (seen below), great and reduce it to 32 inches. With the TCL 3-Series TV, you’re getting just that. The 3-Series, like the Hisense H4, comes with Roku’s smart TV interface, a 1080p resolution, and a full HD display for crisp colour, clarity, and contrast. The direct-lit LED not only provides excellent image quality, but it also features a 60Hz refresh rate, which eliminates motion blur in rapid action situations.


2. H4F 40-Inch 1080p Smart TV from Hisense


We doubt anybody could have predicted that we’d be able to get a 40-inch flatscreen for this low price, but the Hisense H4F is the finest smart TV under $200. This 1080p TV comes with Roku’s smart TV interface, giving you access to the latest and finest streaming services including Peacock, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus. It may also be used in conjunction with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to provide hands-free control. While it lacks the stunning image quality of an OLED TV, it does have functions such as gaming mode. Plus, you may rest easy knowing that you paid less for a 40-inch TV than a low-cost Android phone.


3. 32-Inch Vizio D-Series 1080p Smart TV


Although cheap TVs aren’t renowned for having a lot of connectivity choices, the fact that this 32-inch Vizio D-Series TV supports both AirPlay 2 and Chromecast makes it one of the finest smart TVs under $200. These streaming technologies make it simple to send material from your phone to your television, which means you won’t have to use the TV remote as often if you don’t want to, and you won’t have to wait for your smart TV software to support your favourite streaming services. However, if you’re feeling really lazy, this 1080p TV can also connect with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, giving you comfortable hands-free control.


4. 24-Inch Insignia Fire TV


If you’re a big fan of Amazon’s ecosystem, a TV with the company’s Fire TV smart interface is the finest TV under $200 you can get. All of your Amazon rentals and purchases, as well as all of the top movies and TV series from the Amazon Prime Video service, are integrated into the interface on all of their TVs. You can discover all of your favourite streaming applications on Fire TV, like Netflix and Disney Plus, in addition to Amazon’s programming.

Their 24-inch, 720p Insignia Fire TV is less than $100 right now. While it’s fantastic to find a good TV for around $200, getting one for under $100 is quite remarkable. Below is another model that we’ve included.


5. Toshiba Smart HD Fire TV 32-Inch


Okay, so this one might not count because it’s a cent under the price restriction, but we’ve included it nonetheless as a cost-effective alternative. You can use Alexa voice control to start applications, search for titles, play music, and control your smart devices, among other things. Over 500,000 movie and TV titles are available to stream, and you may watch them all on the same screen. Compatible devices may be connected through HDMI and USB, and you have choices for synchronizing applications, games, and other entertaining add-ons.


6. Hisense H55 Android Smart TV 32″


Android TV isn’t commonly seen on low-cost or budget TVs, but it makes an unusual debut on this 32-inch Hisense TV. While the Roku smart TV interface is often considered as the finest owing to its extensive app selection and simplicity of use, Android TV is a close second because of its similarly outstanding app selection and Chromecast, which allows you to push and control video from your phone to your TV. This Hisense TV, on the other hand, not only includes a smart TV interface, but also Android TV. This means it not only has one of the most comprehensive libraries of streaming applications, but it also works with Google Assistant and Chromecast, making it one of the most connected gadgets you’ll ever buy.


7. LG 720p LED Smart TV, 24-Inch


Although 24-inch TVs are modest by 2021 standards, they are still among the greatest TVs for $200. This LG TV, which is intended for use in a secondary area such as a bedroom or kitchen, maybe wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface such as a shelf, counter, or console. Although the 720p resolution may make you believe this TV is outdated, the tiny screen size means you can obtain the same clarity and detail with lesser resolutions. LG’s robust WebOS smart TV interface, on the other hand, connects you directly to dozens of the best streaming apps and hundreds of hours of entertainment. This TV also offers wide viewing angles, making it ideal for watching TV while moving around the kitchen.


8. Roku HD LED Smart TV, 24-Inch Westinghouse


You’ve decided you want a Roku TV, but a 32-inch screen is much too big for you? The Westinghouse 24-Inch Roku HD LED Smart TV, for example, has nearly all of the same fundamental features as the TCL and Hisense Roku TVs, but in a size that’s eight inches smaller. In a space-saving compact size, you get 720p quality, three HDMI ports, a USB interface, and access to all of the same amazing streaming apps. Plus, if you buy a Westinghouse Roku TV now, you’ll get a free three-month Apple TV Plus membership. What’s not to like about this place?

The 9 Best Smart TVs Under $200 You Can Buy in 2021

9. 43-Inch Android Smart LED TV from Sceptre


In any case, a 43-inch TV for $200 is such a wonderful value that we’d definitely consider it even if it didn’t include smart TV software. This 1080[Sceptre display, like the Hisense 32-inch TV, supports Android TV, Chromecast, and Google Assistant. e The Sceptre, like practically all of the finest TVs under $200, won’t blow you away with image quality, but it does come with all of the necessary connections, including three HDMI ports, a USB connector, and optical audio out. This is your best bet if you want the largest, cheapest TV you can find.


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