The Secret of My Daughter Makes $6,000 a Month

The Secret of My Daughter Makes $6,000 a Month

Walking down the seventh avenue amid scorching heat, Betty gasped for a breath and looked at the long road that stretched ahead of her. The road looked very much like her life; jammed and crowded with no sense of what was going on except that people walked continuously walked over it. As she walked forward, she wished “God, save me from the nightshift.”

After her father George was humiliated by his boss, he quit the job and started spending nights out with his old gang. He did not much care about Betty’s college because he thought that education did not matter much. After all, if it had, then he would not have been rotting on the streets. His excessive drinking and gambling did not only empty the money from their home but also snatched the benevolent shadow of a father figure from Betty’s head.    

When she reached her apartment, Betty was already fainting from the heat and struggle of the day. As she was washing her face, tears mixed with the water, and she asked herself what was the worst part of it? It was not their defaulting house nor was it her dad but the fact that she had no one to share her grief with. She wanted someone to console her, listen to her and advise her.

After she returned from her night job, it was around midnight. Betty laid down on her bed and started scrolling through random pages on her phone. It was the first time she saw a website named SugarDaddySeek. She kept searching through it and thought it was probably useless. Nevertheless, she sent request to a sugar daddy named Herrick, who was fifty years old and fell asleep. 

The very first thing she saw the next morning was his reply. He wanted to befriend her and so they started chatting. The first days of their relationship were totally hilarious with Betty waiting desperately and sneaking an opportunity to talk to him during her job hours. On the other hand, Herrick waited all day to see and talk to her. So, it was done and arranged. On her off day, Betty talked to Herrick all day. Time passed like a long train, and Herrick told her everything about him, how he had been a professor at one of the top colleges of the city. “I am now old, and never realizing this in my life earlier, I now wish I had a sweet sugar baby like you.”

Betty also didn’t conceal anything from him and told him what she had been going through in the past months. Herrick was kind enough to offer her that he would help her in all the ways he could, and Betty’s eyes were filled with tears of joy. What had started as an online chat on SugarDaddySeek was now strengthened into a pure bond of affection. 

One afternoon, Betty came back from her college and started crying. Herrick had been waiting for her all day, but she did not talk to him till late in the night. When he asked her what the matter was, she started crying, “I am continuously going down on my grades in school because I cannot take out enough time for study.” Herrick was moved by it and asked her to give up on the job because he would take care of her education as well as her home expenses. At first, Betty hesitated and refused but when he insisted a lot, she agreed to it. 

Herrick sent her six thousand dollars for the first month. Betty was surprised, and her eyes were wide open when she saw the green notes. That night she resigned from her job and the first thing she did in the morning was to pay all the outstanding dues with that money. Also, by this time Herrick had started helping her in those college subjects in which she was lacking behind.

One day, as George was desperately searching for a penny to buy a drink, he found a hidden treasure. Six thousand dollars were beyond his wildest imagination, but he stopped. “What are they doing in Betty’s room?” he said. He was burning with rage as he thought that Betty was involved in something illegal. He put the money on the dinner table and waited for her all day. As soon as she came, and saw her father with the money, she understood. George was burning with anger and asked where the money had come from. She told him everything honestly, but he did not believe it. He thought the man was taking advantage of her young age and paying her in return for his satisfaction. Betty was in tears when she heard how her father accused her blatantly. So, when he pressed for her phone, she just gave it and went into her room.

Around midnight, George was knocking on her door with tears rolling down his cheeks. He had seen their chats and thoroughly checked her phone and it turned out that both she and Herrick were honest. He had realized his mistake and when Betty came out, he hugged her and told her how misunderstood and apologetic he was. “I’m sorry, love, please forgive me. I have not fulfilled my responsibilities to you and this man has turned out an angel and saved both you and our home. Thank him, thank him.” As Betty heard this, her heart was brimming with optimism and happiness, and she was thinking how SugarDaddySeek had changed her life.

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