If you are searching out an Android TV box, the Ugoos UT8 PRO TV Box is a robust contender. But is it really well worth the trouble in comparison with an Amazon Fire TV box?

Ugoos UT8 PRO
Ugoos UT8 PRO
Ugoos UT8 PRO

A dependable media streamer with 4K visuals and desirable high-satisfactory audio, the Ugoos UT8 PRO is permit down with the aid of using a bad default consumer interface and absolutely flawed faraway control. While it could play media from USB devices, a loss of community streaming and different promised capabilities will go away you feeling out of pocket.


  • Dimensions: 117x117x18.5mm
  • Power Source: DC 5V
  • What’s Included: Bluetooth and Infrared remote, 2x Wi-Fi antennae
  • Brand: Ugoos
  • Data Ports: 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB OTG, TF slot, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Media ports: HDMI out, SPDIF optical out, 3.5mm audio out, aux in


  • Runs Android apps
  • Apps are fast, no hangs
  • All the famous streaming apps run
  • Plays media from different sources
  • Plenty of onboard garage for the price


  • Ugly
  • User interface is poor
  • Remote manipulate is absolutely unsuited to UI
  • Various functions withinside the guide are unavailable

Buy Ugoos UT8 PRO

I’m now no longer a massive fan of Android TV, so after I changed into requested to study the Ugoos UT8 PRO I changed into a touch reticent. Would it show me right, or wouldn’t it not marvel me?

After all, I’d heard a few horrific matters approximately it, together with an offer that it wouldn’t run the Disney+ app. In at the present time and age, that may be a deal-breaker. So, what did I discover after the usage of the Ugoos UT8 PRO for some days, and may or not it’s recommended?

In the Box

The Ugoos UT8 PRO ships with an infrared and Bluetooth remote (defined withinside the documentation as “IR+BT remote”),  dual-band antennae, a DC 5V 3A adapter, HDMI cable, and a completely primary manual.

We had a piece of hassle with the adapter that shipped with the assessment device. Incredibly, it didn’t match the device’s energy socket, which necessitated a substitute being despatched out. One might desire that this become a easy mistake, however as we can’t test each Ugoos UT8 PRO packed for distribution, it is probably really well worth having a spare adapter to be had or be equipped to shop for one at quick notice.

One be aware approximately the guide. Not handiest is it basic, however it additionally suffers from a hassle that must were left in the back of years ago. The English translation withinside the manual is bumpy in places. For example, along the example of the way the Ugoos UT8 PRO is installed to a TV, you’ll find “Photo for reference handiest, please be triumphant in kind.”

Language translation troubles like this had been as soon as taken into consideration amusing. These days, however, the priority is extra material. Instructions is probably incorrect; the guide is probably for a special product; there may be a danger of having matters incorrect and detrimental the hardware.

Ugoos UT8 PRO Specification and Main Features

Packed within the 115x115x22mm aluminum case is a Rockchip RK3568 SoC (System on Chip) quad-middle 64-bit Cortex-A55 processor, which runs as much as 2.0GHz, in conjunction with 8GB RAM, and an incorporated dual-middle GPU, high-overall performance VPU, and high-performance NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

The GPU handles OpenGL ES3.2/2.0/1.1, Vulkan1.1 even as the VPU oversees 4K 60fps H.265/H.264/VP9 video interpreting and 1080P 100fps H.265/ H.264 video encoding. Meanwhile, the NPU helps frameworks like Caffe/TensorFlow.

Ugoos UT8 PRO TV Box is Proof That Android TV Needs a Better User Interface

4K HDR is supported through this device, output at 3840×2160 pixels at 60Hz Ultra-HD with HDR10. Not unsurprisingly, Dolby Vision isn’t supported.

This method that the Ugoos UT8 PRO will cope with nearly any video document which you throw at it, and in addition to deciphering for streaming into the device, can encode to circulation throughout a network. It may even be used to edit media in a appropriate app.

Along aspects of the unit are twin Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) MIMO ports, with a most 160MHz bandwidth and pinnacle pace of 9.6Gbps. There is likewise a Gigabit Ethernet port, one USB 2.zero port,  USB 3.zero ports, a USB OTG port, TRRS audio out, aux-in, SPDIF optical out, HDMI out, and a electricity socket. The chassis additionally functions a electricity LED, warmth vent, and electricity button.

Ugoos UT8 PRO TV Box is Proof That Android TV Needs a Better User Interface

For audio, the tool helps MP3, AAC, WMA, RM, FLAC, and Ogg formats, with a integrated DAC, stereo channel output, and assist for a microphone.

The Ugoos UT8 PRO additionally functions onboard M.2 PCIe 3.zero and SATA 3.zero interfaces that you could use to attach appropriate SSD or HDD gadgets through USB, in addition to a TF slot for microSD cards.

Apps are established in this tool through Google Play, with a appropriate login, despite the fact that APKs may be sideloaded.

Setting Up the Ugoos UT8 PRO

Hooking up the tool is straightforward. After attaching the Wi-Fi antennae, join the HDMI cable in your TV, join the audio out to a appropriate speaker if used (ours trusted the SPDIF optical cable), then hook up the power. Weighing simply 300g and measuring 117x117x18.5mm, it ought to healthy smartly in maximum domestic leisure areas.

Ugoos UT8 PRO TV Box is Proof That Android TV Needs a Better User Interface

The tool ought to electricity up robotically at this point, even though you may take the possibility to attach a USB dongle for a wi-fi keyboard, mouse, or committed combi enter tool. Why? Well, at the same time as the Ugoos far flung has Bluetooth and IR in addition to a gyro function, it’s far absolutely unsuited to Android TV, in as some distance because the person interface is going anyway.

With batteries withinside the remote, on-display screen commands illustrate a way to pair it with the media container. From that point, the Ugoos UT8 PRO boots into Android TV.

The Ugoos UT8 PRO default person interface is Launcher<3, however, that is greater ideal to capsules than TVs or media systems. Fortunately, numerous options are available, including, curiously, the Ugoos TV Launcher. This is a horrible TV container launcher, however, which on the subject of Android TV launchers, is a quite horrific region to be.

They’re all horrible.

After a chunk of experimenting with Basic Launcher and ATV, I opted to stay with Launcher<3. Ugly it can be, however it’s miles as a minimum usable.

Controlling the Ugoos UT8 PRO

With the packaged far off manage now no longer certainly desirable to the default consumer interface, it makes feel to ditch it in want of some thing greater suitable. A far off manage app is supposedly to be had through the QR code withinside the manual, however regardless of records to the contrary, this hyperlink works for iOS only.

While the default far off has a beneficial on/off button, it’s miles horrible at nearly the whole lot else, from voice seek to easy switching among Android fields and buttons.

Ugoos UT8 PRO TV Box is Proof That Android TV Needs a Better User Interface

Entering textual content with the far off is subsequent to impossible.

Consequently, the usage of a third-celebration far off—commonly Bluetooth or USB wi-fi device—is a long way preferable.

What Streaming Apps Can the Ugoos UT8 PRO Run?

As referred to earlier, I were instructed that the Ugoos UT8 PRO does now no longer play Disney+. Naturally, I desired to discover if this became genuine or now no longer, so I signed in to Google Play to discover.

A short time later, Disney+ became running, prompting me to signal in. Thanks to Google’s password sync, I didn’t even want to enter the credentials, and it wasn’t lengthy earlier than I became looking the teaser trailer for the approaching Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off collection from the Star Wars universe.

Ugoos UT8 PRO TV Box is Proof That Android TV Needs a Better User Interface

Disney+ honestly works. In addition, I attempted out Netflix, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Britbox (UK). All streamed video perfectly, even though Prime Video took some time to replace from a low-decision move to excessive definition, however that’s not anything out of the ordinary.

Various tune apps are to be had at the Play Store. Audio excellent became nice as anticipated thru my TV’s soundbar, piping tracks from Amazon Music and Spotify alike.

Plenty of different apps may be run in this device, too. Indeed, you would possibly use it as a pc in addition to a TV streaming platform. With workplace software program to be had withinside the Play Store for Android devices, calendars, spreadsheets, textual content documents, and plenty extra may be skilled with the Ugoos UT8 PRO.

Playing Media from External Storage

You’ll recollect from the specs defined above that the Ugoos UT8 PRO capabilities a quartet of USB ports, together with a TF slot for MicroSD. This offers enough possibility for connecting outside media devices, whether or not for gambling video files, audio, or maybe photos. Android installer files (APKs) also can be imported into the Ugoos UT8 PRO on this way.

Ugoos UT8 PRO TV Box is Proof That Android TV Needs a Better User Interface

You’ll want a few extra software program or formats for this to paintings universally, however, because the tool would not natively help AVI. VLC for Android is a superb guess right here and is specifically proper to gambling media on an Android TV box.

Alternatives consist of Kodi, and MX Player Pro. Whatever the case, if you’re gambling media out of your very own sources, you’ll want a appropriate media player.

Android TV Gaming on the Ugoos UT8 PRO

Another key component of Android TV is its guide for video games.

You probable already realize that lots of video games (if now no longer more) are to be had on Android. These variety from such things as Civilization VI to unfashionable titles from Sega to such things as Angry Birds, normal zombie shooters, and coffee works of genius.

Better still, you could even use the Xbox app to reflect your Xbox One or Series S|X, or the Steam Link app to play video games walking for your PC. There is likewise Nvidia GeForce Now to consider, too.

In short, the possibilities for gaming on Android are considerable. So, how does the Ugoos UT8 PRO address those possibilities? Keeping in thoughts the dual-center GPU helps OpenGL ES3.2/2.0/1.1 and Vulkan1.1, you shouldn’t be too amazed with the results.

Missing Features in the Ugoos UT8 PRO

The Ugoos UT8 PRO guide gives some distance extra than the tool honestly delivers. One screenshot means that you’ve set up Kodi; any other web page illustrates a way to permit the Samba server for streaming documents throughout your nearby network.

This feature, just like the Android faraway app, “Daydream” stand-via way of means of configuration, and hardware monitor, is lacking. None are in which defined withinside the guide, and you’d be tough driven to locate them everywhere at the tool.

While you can without problems dig out a appropriate opportunity at the Play Store, suggesting that a preinstalled app can do the process while no such device is gift doesn’t instill confidence.

According to the Ugoos website, those capabilities are set for a destiny update. The trouble right here is that even as in ownership of this tool, the Ugoos UT8 PRO has had  updates, neither of which unlocked or delivered those capabilities (or delivered a usable UI).

As such, they stay lacking capabilities.

Is the Ugoos UT8 PRO the Android TV Box For You?

You’re probably to fling the far flung manipulate at a wall, and the default person interface is a chunk of a pain.

Unless you are determined for outside garage and higher gaming, the Ugoos UT8 PRO does little you cannot get from extra famous streaming answers like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or even Roku.

Ugoos UT8 PRO TV Box is Proof That Android TV Needs a Better User Interface

In phrases of different Android TV boxes, even as it is probably a piece of an eyesore visually—there’s a terrific danger it can be wrong for a router with the ones antennae—the Ugoos UT8 Pro is extra than good enough as a replacement.

Of course, there may be additionally the lack of the UI to consider, however that is real throughout the Android TV container market. The default launcher, incredibly, is the high-quality of a critically horrific bunch, however you may opt to depend upon Kodi.

While the Ugoos UT8 Pro has the electricity you want for streaming and gaming, if you’re seeking out a clever and intuitive TV person interface that you could see from throughout the room, you may opt to placed up with the infinite advertisements on an real Android TV, or simply plug in an Amazon Fire stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Android TV or Android TV box?

However, you are placing restrictions on the programs you can download and the activities a device can perform. On the other hand, Android-powered TV boxes are probably the better choice if you want the complete independence that Android provides and the flexibility to use a device however you choose.

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