With the Covid pandemic set to hit in 2020 and 2021, the restaurant industry has been forced to embrace new ideas and plan ahead of time.

The changing realities of living during and after Covid have compelled many enterprises to reassess their business practices. This needs a concentrated effort on new technologies and innovation.

Today’s newly envisioned restaurant may seek assistance from automated kitchens. This post will cover everything you need to know about this latest craze.

automated kitchens

What is an Automated Kitchen, and how does it work?

Many different types of automation can be found in a restaurant kitchen. Until it was mostly used to refer to electronic devices.

In today’s world, it refers to restaurants that use robots to cook and prepare food. These robots are high-tech machines that are programmed to cook in accordance with the directions of a chef. They are more sanitary and, on average, faster than humans. (Tweet)

Frequently, the trend in automated cooking refers to a kitchen robotic arm that flips burgers or assembles pizzas.

In essence, the automated kitchen eliminates some, if not all, of the human element from the restaurant kitchen.

Labour costs, human error, and cleanliness all benefit from an automated kitchen.

Let’s take a look at why you might wish to implement this trend in your restaurant.

Kitchens that are fully automated save time

Having one or two autonomous robots in your restaurant kitchen reduces prep and cooking time.

The robot is highly productive and has been programmed to work quickly and precisely.

The autonomous robot can free up your team’s time to focus on the demands of your restaurant’s customers. Someone may keep an eye on the kitchen robot to ensure that everything is operating properly, while other employees provide excellent customer service.

Kitchens with automation are more reliable

How often have you overheard a customer claim that the dish they ordered last week was better than the one they ordered the day before?

Building a loyal customer base in your restaurant necessitates consistency. Consider the fact that your signature dish is what keeps consumers coming back for more. It does not, however, always taste as well as it should.

This is harmful to your brand and stops you from building a loyal customer base.

A robot is an automated kitchen is a machine that precisely measures and prepares ingredients, in the same manner, every time.

Every one of your meals is also made in the same way and tastes the same.

Furthermore, for each dish, robots will always measure the same amount of components. They will never exaggerate or underestimate anything.

The robotic algorithm ensures consistency in your dishes.

Kitchens that are fully automated are frequently safer

Every day in the United States, restaurant workers are harmed in kitchen mishaps.

Accidents happen all the time in most restaurant kitchens, whether it’s a burn, a knife cut, or a tumble.

If you utilize an autonomous robot in your kitchen, you might not even have any kitchen-related occurrences.

The robot can operate in any environment without causing harm to itself. They can even work in areas where people cannot.

An automated kitchen might be the solution if you wish to increase safety and prevent hazardous working conditions.

Kitchens with automated systems are cleaner

A hairnet, apron, or even long sleeves are not required for the robot in the automated kitchen. The robot is disease-resistant and does not transfer germs.

You may also sanitize the automated kitchen in ways that a human worker cannot.

In your restaurant’s modern automated kitchen, you can perform the most hygienic practices that would otherwise be impossible.

Kitchens that are fully automated are reliable

You don’t have to be concerned about the robot grabbing food and taking it home with him.

There is also a slight chance that they will make a mistake or betray your trust. The only problem you might have is a malfunction, which is easily fixed.

The automated kitchen eliminates human emotions and temptations.

Automated kitchens are quick to set up

Some restaurants serve fast cuisine or give quick service, while others offer exquisite dining. The robotic automated procedure is faster in any of these cases.

Your menu items will be prepared promptly by robots. They just have one job, which is to make your food. When it comes to individuals, there is generally some lag time. Someone needs to go to the potty, someone is kidding, and someone is just plain slow.

In addition, unlike humans, robots and robotic arms do not tire.

Kitchens that are fully automated may be less expensive

While it may appear that robots in the kitchen would be more expensive, they may not be for some establishments.

Why? The automated kitchen is less expensive because you only pay for the robot once.

Using robots is less costly than using people. There is no cost to operate the robot, and there is no need to pay a weekly salary.

Additionally, because they are nearly mistake-free, you save money on overages and costly human error.

However, be wary of the high implementation costs and be certain that you can return your investment.

Last Thoughts

Is the new automated kitchen fad picking up steam?

While it is a trend, and automation in the restaurant industry is here to stay, it is difficult to predict whether your favourite local restaurant will implement automation in its own kitchen. (please retweet)

The automated kitchen offers both benefits and drawbacks. We’ve mostly discussed the advantages of the kitchen robot.

The disadvantage of this trend is that it is losing its human character and displacing well-deserving Americans.

Today’s theme is whether the advent of automation in the kitchen would end in the eradication of the human worker, and there is currently no clear answer.

Automation is now aiding cooks across the United States with simple tasks like preparing beverages and cooking burgers.

Bottom line:

robots will never have a human touch.

Our guess is that they will continue to expand and supplement existing kitchens in the near future, but that the majority of restaurants will have a substantial human presence.

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