How to Delete a Vudu Account | 6 Best Methods

How to Delete a Vudu Account | 6 Best Methods

If you are a Vudu subscriber and don’t know how to delete a Vudu account, then here are the best methods to unsubscribe from a Vudu account on iPhone, Android, Mac, and laptop or pc.

Vudu is an online video streaming service that allows customers to rent or buy videos from television series and movies. The website allows users to create and change account information, browse or search via a video library, buy or rent their favorite TV episodes and movies, see trailers for the movie or show, and read movie reviews.

We’ve gotten a few emails from website visitors requesting articles on how to delete a Vudu account. When we investigated why users are deleting their accounts from the website, we discovered that the majority of those who are deleting their accounts are receiving promotional or newsletter mail from the company, which makes their mailbox appear spammed, while other members claim that they are now watching movies and their favorite TV shows on other video streaming platforms like Netflix for free.

If you’re canceling your account due to a newsletter or email from them, you may either label the email as spam by clicking the spam button at the top of the email or unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

If you have another reason, then here you will get the best methods on how to delete a Vudu account on a laptop or phone.

Why Should I Cancel My VUDU Account?

Maybe you’re going on vacation and won’t be able to utilize your VUDU to watch movies. It’s also possible that you’re moving or that you’ve opted to stop using VUDU entirely.

Users may wish to terminate their accounts for a variety of reasons. You have a distinct purpose for doing so, which may or may not be the same as someone else’s.

The mechanism for canceling the account, however, remains the same. Keep your log-in information safe and secure so that it isn’t misused while you aren’t around.

If you want to cancel your Vudu account because it is not working on your smart tv, you can fix the issue from this video tutorial:

What You Should Know Before Canceling Vudu

When it comes to canceling subscriptions, there are a few things to keep in mind. The following are some of them:

  • Because you gave permission, once you subscribe to a plan and don’t cancel it manually like you did when you first subscribed, the plan will automatically renew.
  • When you sign up for a trial period and then cancel, you face the risk of losing all of the trial materials.
  • You must cancel a membership manually 24 hours before the trial period expires.

We’ve made it very simple to cancel your Vudu – Movies & TV membership from the beginning, avoiding any and all billing methods used by “VUDU, Inc.” (the developer). Let’s know how to delete a Vudu account on different devices.

Methods On How To Delete A Vudu Account

There are several options on how to delete your Vudu account. To begin, send an email to VUDU’s customer service department. VUDU does not provide a phone number for users to call in the event of a problem, therefore calling is not an option.

Write the email with care, and make sure the subject title includes your explanation. For example, you can say, “I’d like to deactivate my VUDU account.”

Be specific and to the point in the email body. Include details about your account, such as your email address and account number. Also, before continuing with the cancellation procedure, add your phone number so that the customer service team can call you to confirm any details or verify your identification.

If you bought your VUDU account at Walmart, you could cancel it by going to your nearest Walmart store and asking a customer service representative to do so. It’s a simple process that ensures you have all of the relevant information, so you don’t have to go back to seek it.

Here are the step-by-step tutorials on how to delete a Vudu account from different devices.

  1. How to Delete a Vudu Account by Email

You can cancel your Vudu subscription by sending them an email. Here is how to unsubscribe from Vudu by sending an email:

  • Open the email account you used to create the Vudu account.
  • Now compose an email and send it to [email protected].
  • Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY VUDU ACCOUNT” in the subject line.
  • Now, write specifically to request the unsubscription of your Vudu account.

How to Delete a Vudu Account by Email

  1. How to Delete a Vudu Account from iPhone or iPad

Here is the process on how to delete your Vudu account from iPhone or iPad:

  • To begin, open the Settings option and select your name.
  • Then select the “Subscriptions” option.
  • Note that you might not see this option right away. In such a scenario, select iTunes & Appstore first.
  • Then, select your Apple ID. Sign in using your Apple ID, then scroll down to the “Subscriptions” option.
  • After that, tap on the Vudu (subscription) you wish to check out.
  • Now press the Cancel button.
  • Please note that if you don’t see a “Cancel Subscription” button for Vudu – Movies & TV, your subscription has already been terminated. It will no longer be renewed.
  1. How to Delete a Vudu Account from Android

To cancel your Vudu subscription on Android, you must first understand that simply removing the Vudu app will not suffice. Follow the steps below to delete your Vudu account from Android:

  • To begin, go to the Google Play Store. Make sure you’re signed into the correct Google account if you have more than one.
  • Go to “Subscriptions” from the menu.
  • Select the Vudu – Movies & TV subscription you want to cancel and select “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Complete the task as directed.

Your future subscriptions will be canceled and will not be renewed once your Vudu subscription has been removed from Google Play.

  1. How to Delete a Vudu Account on Laptop (MAC)
  • To get started, open the Mac App Store and then click on your name in the sidebar at the bottom.
  • At the top of the window, click the “View Information” option and sign in if prompted.
  • On the following screen, scroll down until you reach the “Subscriptions” tab, then click “Manage.”
  • Next, click “Edit” next to the Vudu – Movies & TV app, then “Cancel Subscription.”
  1. How to Delete Vudu Payment Method on Paypal

To Delete Vudu Payment Method on Paypal, take these steps:

  • To begin, go to and log into your PayPal account.
  • Select the settings tab, which is located next to the logout option.
  • In the Automatic Payments dashboard, select “Payments” from the menu and then “Manage Automatic Payments.”
  • You’ll be presented with a list of merchant agreements you’ve previously transacted with. To cancel, go to “Vudu – Movies & TV.”
  • A confirmation page will be displayed. To confirm that you wish to stop making payments to Vudu – Movies & TV, click the “Cancel Automatic Payments” tab.
  • Then, on the verification page, click “Done” to complete the unsubscription.
  1. How to Delete A Vudu Account From Walmart Store

Vudu is owned by Walmart, so it is always easier to deactivate a Vudu account by visiting a Walmart store. However, you should ensure that you have your proper account information, as the customer agent will ask for that while canceling your Vudu account.

FAQs On Vudu Account

  1. How Long Does It Take to Cancel My VUDU Account?

Actually, once you have all of the information requested by the customer service professionals, canceling your account is a simple process.

Always make it a goal to save or write down the information so that canceling your account at the Walmart shop will be simple. Customers can use the service to access stuff on their high-speed Internet.

2. Do I Need to Pay to delete My VUDU Account?

No, it’s not true. VUDU has a policy that allows consumers to terminate their subscriptions for free. Additional information on VUDU’s cancellation policy can be found on the customer support page. You can also go to the VUDU homepage and learn about the free cancellation policy there.


If you are facing issues with the Vudu cancelation process, then this article may help by giving you the methods on how to delete a Vudu account. If you want to remove your Vudu account, follow the above steps properly and let us know if you face any issues through our comment section.

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