One of the most popular online multiplayer games globally is PUBG Corp. Battle Royale is widely regarded as the first battle royale game and is available on almost every platform save one. 

It all started with PUBG

In terms of battle royale games, PUBG is the first and foremost. I recall playing a specific Hunger Games-like game on the Xbox 360 utilizing the XBLA, but PUBG popularised and launched the genre.

A year after its release, PUBG dominated Steam’s early access, although it had significant issues with performance and other aspects. It was a huge hit, inspiring new games like Fortnite the next year and beyond.

Fortnite may never have been created without PUBG’s influence, which would have prevented it from being the cultural phenomenon it is now. A blue planet, for sure. We owe it all to PUBG.

There Must Be A PUBG Switch 2020 Version

However, as you can see, the launch of PUBG has a significant issue. A PC version was first released before being later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and other mobile platforms. While the game’s PC version was a touch behind, the console version was a whole different experience.

Since its release, PUBG Mobile has swiftly become its distinct entity, outperforming its console and PC counterparts by an enormous margin. Millions of people play the game across the globe on mobile devices. Then there’s the Google Stadia version for streaming it, for example.

PUBG is accessible on almost every platform; thus, there is no need for a 2020 PUBG Switch edition. We hope that this game version will be released this year if feasible.

It’s a must. For a variety of reasons, this must occur within the year. We’ll go through the key reasons we believe this is necessary for the nintendo switch pubg, but we will not rest there. We’ll also go through the two most common ways this may happen. Let’s go right in and have a look, shall we?

Here’s why: There are already several Battle Royale games for the Nintendo Switch. To have a PUBG Switch 2020 version, there are already other battle royale games for the Switch. Even though this may seem to be an overcrowding issue, it hasn’t been a problem on other platforms. 

Fortnite is only one of many conventional battle royale games available for the nintendo switch pubg. Another early entry in this genre for the Nintendo Switch. On the platform, it has since grown, with millions of devotees.

However, it wasn’t the only one; Realm Royale is also available on the Switch and has a gameplay style that differs significantly from Fortnite while being very similar. Then there are the more unusual situations, like Nintendo’s Tetris 99, which matches 99 Tetris players against each other until only one survives.

So it’s not like there are no alternatives for battle royale on nintendo switch pubg. Aside from that minor flaw, practically all of the choices provided are family-friendly rather than grittiness-oriented like Battlefield.

It might fill a need in Switch’s battle royale genre while also making it available on all the major platforms for the first time. Other games like Apex Legends and Warzone may fill that need, but in this scenario, PUBG is the most significant.

With games like Fortnite already on Switch, it’s more important than any other to have this one around to keep the genre popular. PUBG, even if I like Warzone, seems more necessary and likely to appear.

Where to Play PUBG on Switch Is Difficult

Another reason why pubg switch 2020 is needed is because it is already accessible on almost every platform bar nintendo switch pubg, which is a bummer. 

Fortnite arrived on the pubg on swith after a long wait, but it’s now accessible on almost every platform you can think of. If you have a current operating system, you’re likely to play this free game. With the only exception of the Nintendo Switch, this is also true for PUBG.

When it is accessible on systems like Xbox One that are significantly more successful than and will undoubtedly become even more successful, it seems wrong to overlook this platform and leave it out. Then there are Stadia, which is intriguing but not huge enough to warrant a presence there instead of being on Switch first.

A horrible situation, even though reasonable given that the game can already be played on mobile and PC through that streaming network. In this case, Nintendo Switch has been mistreated. Nintendo should feel ashamed. It’s time to bring it into the mix with its version of the battle royale game.


Alternatively, PUBG Mobile might be brought over to the Switch instead of the main game, which is more likely to occur. However, even if the game’s locations and fundamental gameplay are similar to the original version, PUBG Mobile is a whole different beast.

Since its release, it has grown in popularity throughout the globe, including unique game types that are unavailable on PC and consoles. Because of this, we would expect the pubg Nintendo switch include touchscreen and controller compatibility, much like the mobile version.