The first and most important aspect of a successful sales presentation is making sure that your clients and other people know who you are. When in the field this is vitally important. When a customer or an office staff member does not know who you are it can lead to a lack of concentration and it could ultimately sabotage your presentation. Always lead with information about yourself and what your job entails.

Second, after your identification has been made, it is important to draw the audience in with a stimulating thought or a difficult question. However, make sure that this thought or this question falls within your level of comfort and knowledge. There is nothing more embarrassing and more defeating than presenting wrong information. Make sure that you are prepared and that your facts are straight.

Third, it is always a good idea to engage the audience. Not only are you going to involve them with a question or with a difficult thought, you also need to engage their minds and their expertise. Ask the audience to share a story about a similar experience that they may have had or try to have them write down some of their stories. This is a great way to really open the dialogue and have the communication work at a peak level.

A great sales presentation will have everyone talking. If your presentation is not good the people will talk about the length or the style. If the sales presentation is good the people will continually talk about your grace or your knowledge. The best way to make this meeting exciting and memorable is to have the audience member communicate with each other. Remember, you are the facilitator. You do not have to be the center of attention. Your facts must be correct and your delivery needs to be solid, but you are not required to hold the meeting together. Have the audience work together and share stories.

Fourth, this step is the crucial area. This is where your presentation could fall apart or it could ascend to the next level. The fourth area is going to require that you have the audience member share what they are learning from their peers. Not only will this exercise have your team communicating with each other but also it will force them to speak about matters that pertain to the sales culture. This is going to benefit team morale as well as team performance.

Finally, it is time for you to close the meeting by giving your perspective and your advice. A successful sales meeting is all about involving the crew and presenting the facts. Once your facts are shared you only need to manage the conversation. Allow the others to speak and you will be surprised at how successful your meetings will become.

Source by Doug Dvorak