Start a Business in Canada? This article is genuinely meant for entrepreneurs and business people who want a successful, thriving future in Canada, whether international students or immigrants. I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs with successful companies here in Canada who are immigrants themselves to bring you the best possible step-by-step guide to starting a successful, thriving business here in Canada.



Is it possible to start a business in Canada if you are an international student?

First, let’s answer the question that so many people ask. Is it possible to have a business in Canada if you are an international student? Yes, you’re limited to working only 20 hours a week during studies and unlimited hours during scheduled breaks though you track your own time. The CEO and founder of the coast were shared how his entrepreneurship journey started here as an international student.

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The way I got into entrepreneurship goes hand in hand. Reach injured victims account of 2013. I do college like a lot of people do, you know, coming from overseas, and you know I always thought I’m going to be a banker or an investment or a hedge fund manager, and little did I know that you know not only was it not asking about this very traditional wrote that. That’s what makes them happy, thanks to bill secure, but I also realize that you know I was passionate about destruction.

Me and my co-founder I of that time with my actual college buddy, I decided to explore opportunities in real estate. Both of us that real estate is the largest across the world there’s several $0 worths of assets in real estate globally be every year. You seem so right for destruction or disruption or was told to call it G. there was no place for people to transact other than the traditional way, which is meeting in person she.

We go-kart track, and we felt like there could be. Yeah, it’s slightly better, so he and I have locked ourselves in this Ikea. I think it was like your restaurant, the holy serve meals in the morning and so I think both of us kind of rather a lot. You know we’ve met there and been sitting doing research what can we do on time. We realized the coworking space was too much for me, so we decided to do the second-best thing, which started a company around real estate and real facilitation.

You know are people that are looking for coworking spaces. You know we saw how amazing we work doing all kinds of things that were coming out of, you know just the shared office space in the hotel then all the sudden you trends we felt like we could build a market place for people to discover this new way of working adult. And also book a space for one day for one week work for one month and that’s how we started.

So let’s say you’re coming to Canada, and you want to establish a business. What steps do you take before all the legal documents and procedures? The first job is to find the right idea, and I found this graphic to establish the right business idea first; you want to answer the question what am I good at? what do allow next what does the world needs and what can I be paid for. It’s not necessarily a product that I’m talking about. This could be a service, for example, this blog.

At my service, I built this platform to help immigrants move to Canada, and I get rewarded financially. Another example I love is real estate photography. Do you have a camera? Do you have some skills to charge around 350 pursuits in Canada for real estate photography? If you do just three sets a day if you live in a bigger city, that’s about 1.5000 to $1875 per week, which has over $6000 a month doing real estate photography also I know some people who sell cakes for like 100 Bucks the cake.

So if you’re going to be taking if you know how to structure your day in time, it’s a great side hustle you can have, so once you have the right business idea. The next step is to test it. There are many ways to test the demand for a product or service you want to sell in Canada. You are going to talk to prospective customers. That’s the person that I always recommend. Young people with great ideas contest your ideas don’t talk to your parents that’s right built either dismiss you, or they’ll see everything is excellent they are very biased as they love

So let’s talk about the good old lemonade stand. I recently watched a video by a New Yorker, a guy from NYC who was able to set up a lemonade stand and makeover 200 Bucks and just like for 5:00 hours just selling lemonade on a hot summer day. He just bought Capri Suns. He wasn’t mixing anything. He didn’t need any permission to check out the video. If you have time after this one, it will be a link somewhere up here, Anna. She has a company that builds mobile applications and websites for big companies like banks that share this information to create advertisements.

Just see how many people click on this advertisement you can create any talk of retirement and put into that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google, whatever it is, but if nobody clicks on your advertisement, it means like people are not interested in it at all this will take you on I understand and thank all made being it’s not a great idea I’ve been there I started my business and then I realized that this is not something that because this started from developing our products and mobile applications and then we know that it’s not something that we need. Then we did a pilot, and now we are provided services for others.

But it was not the first place fantastic way to test your service. In my opinion, it is offered. Let’s say you do have to real estate shots for free after that; you just asked for a video testimonial or written testimonial on your website. Now it’s super easy to set up a website you don’t need to know how to code to their Squarespace that I use the link will be in the description if you want to check it out it’s super simple and offers you professional websites step 3 is to roll out your product after you’ve tested it finally.

After you know, there is a demand if you don’t have money that’s fine you can sometimes ask for friends family if not that there is space in your top front partners that provide funding for example in Halifax the reasons of all time why find funding in Norwalk or but there are some businesses like Halifax partner save or and as the ice or ice and can help you to build a lousy business plan for a handheld find the connections.

So there is a lot of organizations that can help you to start a startup. Suppose you want to make it in a can that you need to know how to go through obstacles like raiding your face or something like that right now. In that case, I’m on top of that you need to know how to position yourself how to build yourself up as a branch of the personal brand and myself I’ve traveled around the world no I lived in the US.

US news Deland in all of the success I have, I think it’s a tribute mostly to how I position myself, so if you want to learn more about positioning if you’re going to build a business and get as an international student, I’m thinking I’m considering doing a private coaching kind of thing where I would have like exclusive access for just a limited number of people that I would train and teach everything I know personally.

If you’re interested in that, there is a form in the description below you can check out to fill out the first people who will fill it out. If I see there is enough demand and launch the course, you guys will get access at a discounted rate now; let’s talk about the legal procedures if you have a business and can they need to register it and there are three types of business structures here at us all proprietorship LLC incorporation I recommend incorporating your business as this will act as an umbrella that will protect you from legal trouble.

So if the business is sued, you are not sued. You are essentially separated from the industry, so it’s you and the business if it’s a corporation, and I know this could be expensive. Still, the Dems company co-squared they offer services to make this a legal procedure much cheaper and faster eliminating the need to pay thousands of dollars to lawyers.

Check out his website and what the offer is down in the description below. We have a bonus for you and those of you who choose to incorporate through their company if you want to chat with them. I will tell it to her on YouTube or Instagram. She has a great channel that talks about Halifa,x and also if you’re going to see me again if you want to talk about business, the retailer to minister Graham and check back in next Sunday.

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