Popular free dictation tool records your voice and saves it in your web browser. It is compatible with many languages and features rich text formatting options. You can add special characters and smileys and change the font and style of your document. You can also dictate phrases that will perform specific commands. In this article, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the top five free dictation tools that are worth checking out.

There are a lot of free dictation tools on the Internet, but which ones are the best? Here are some of the top ones. You might also find some of them helpful for a spelling quiz.


Among the free dictation tools, Speechnotes is one of the most popular. It supports multiple languages, and it works on almost every website. You can also export your audio recordings to Google Drive or save them to your computer. The downside of using speech recognition software is that you have to be constantly connected to the Internet. Therefore, you’ll need a stable internet connection to use it properly.

Another free online dictation service is Nuance Dragon. This app allows you to type with your voice. You can create long texts by pointing your phone’s microphone at the reader. This app supports multiple languages and provides professional transcription services for $0.1 per hour. This app is a good choice if you need to dictate texts on a website.

Dragon Dictation:

Dragon Dictation is a powerful program that supports various voice commands. Unfortunately, it only supports U.S. English and requires an internet connection. You can also try Braina Pro, similar to a personal virtual assistant. It allows you to process over 100 languages, automate various computer tasks, and even serve as a dictionary and text to speech software. Once you’ve tried Dragon Home, you’ll understand the importance of this software. You’ll find that it’s worth checking out.

Dragon Anywhere:

Dragon Anywhere is another free dictation software that works on Android phones and PCs. It works in 120 languages and supports typing in over a hundred different formats. You can use it with your PC or on a mobile phone. Although it is free, it can be expensive if you use the desktop version.

It is free to download and is the most accurate, with 99% accuracy. You can also edit your voice, format it, and save it. Then, you can share your notes via Dropbox, Evernote, or email. Once you’re done, you can synchronize the two applications. You can even use them to transfer your dictations to your desktop.

Google Dictation:

 This free dictation software is a great way to convert speech to text. It works within Google Docs, transcribes your voice into text, and exports it to Google Drive or other websites. It is also available both for Windows and Mac. It is a powerful dictation tool for business purposes, and it is free to download and use.


Happyscribe is a free speech-to-text platform. It allows you to edit and record the audio file without editing, allowing you to transcribe in over 200 languages. The app also enables you to insert timestamps and add other helpful information. You can also share your finished transcript with other people. It’s an excellent tool for business use, but it’s not free.

Braina Pro: 

This free speech to text tool lets you dictate on your computer. Its real-time transcription service is reliable, but its accuracy isn’t a hundred percent. Nevertheless, it’s the best choice for dictation for class 2 on your smartphone. Its features are limited, but its ease of use and affordability make it an excellent choice for busy people. While the free version is a perfect option for many, you can also purchase a premium version with additional features.

Final Thoughts:

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