As financial literacy is lacking in the world today, I am motivated to promote financial literacy. My experiences regarding high school, college, and transitioning into adulthood after college has inspired me to promote financial guidance to young adults by providing robust and inspirational ways a student can take advantage of to achieve success after college life. Preparation for success begins years before a student attends college. Below are 5 things college students can do to be successful in life.

1. Prepare for the ACT/SAT in middle school or earlier to score high on both tests, as higher test scores will provide the student a better chance of earning a scholarship. It is also essential for students to get involved in extracurricular activities. Remember, college is still possible and can be affordable even when a student doesn’t have a scholarship.

2. Students must be mindful regarding the selection of his or her career choice. The student must identify and select the right career that will suit him or her long-term. Being indecisive in career choice and changing majors halfway through college or later wastes a tremendous amount of time and money.

5 Things College Students Can Do to Be Successful in Life

3. Students must be aware of how important it is to obtain and maintain good credit. Without having any credit or good credit, a student can have difficulty receiving lower interest rates on their car, house, etc. Higher interest rates will cause higher car, house, etc., monthly payments. The three credit bureaus report and provide credit history on each individual and demonstrate how well a person has been paying his or her bills. The credit rating score will determine what interest rate the individual will receive.

4. Students must prepare for the workforce while attending college. Without preparation before graduating from college, a student may struggle or find difficulty landing a job in his or her field soon after graduation. In addition, many employers seek individuals who have had experience in the area for at least one year and will not consider interviewing a student without incident.

5. Lastly, saving early for retirement is a must. Many young adults feel that they have plenty of time to save for retirement, but in reality, they do not. I have heard so many adults say that they wish they started saving as soon as they began working as young adults and regret not doing so because they have to work longer than desired.

In Conclusion, these are the five things that college students can do to be successful in life. College students deserve a shot a success. Take charge of your life and be the next success story!

Source by Renee J Bey