Can I Be Successful Without a College Degree? The answer quite simply is Yes. There are many reasons why education is critical in society today; however, in this article, we will explore all the reasons why you can still become successful in life irrespective of some or no qualifications. On a personal note, I do not believe pushing the education route is the only way to success; there are many reasons why you can still become successful, and below are reasons you can and a few people who have.

Reason 01 – Can I Be Successful Without a College Degree

Ambition. You don’t need anyone’s permission to be successful, as this can come from your purpose, passion, and commitment to succeed in whatever you choose in life. For people who want to be successful, every day is a job interview; they must pass. How much ambition do you have to be successful? Do you have what it takes? The examples below prove that age is no factor in becoming successful, and neither should your qualifications or lack of them for that matter.

Choices made each day ultimately determine how much you will or will not succeed. It is there for the taking, especially those who open to the possibilities in life.

Reason 02

People who become successful when older do not think age a factor. For example, if you feel your age is a factor even to start, it is too late for you to begin. ‘Thinking’ you have missed the boat will only reinforce this pattern in your mind.

Just take a look at Colonel Sanders, for example, who attained much success in his later years. No doubt you have already heard of this gentleman. He invented Kentucky Fried Chicken in his 60’s. If he thought he was too old, do you think he would have even started? Probably not.

Reason 03

Qualifications can be a lousy way to judge how an individual may or may not become successful. You need to look at the bigger picture because a lot can change between college and your later life. Just because you didn’t make it to college is no indication of future success. Just because you are not academically sound does not mean you have nothing to offer the world; you probably have more than you even know!

Reason 04

Some people are just not cut out to sit exams. They are not wired that way, and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it; it does not make them failures. How to be successful in life should not depend on the tendency for liking tests; many, as you may probably be able to relate to, might have hated exams. Does that make them, or you a failure? No. They are no inferior to those who do.

Can I Be Successful Without a College Degree?

Reason 05 – Can I Be Successful Without a College Degree

Encouragement of children to think entrepreneurially and act on opportunities when they see them is more likely to give them a better foundation for success than any grade on a certificate can. Inspiration can go a long way to success. Adults can play a vital part in showing the young ones and themselves that they can control their destiny.

Reason 06

Can I Be Successful Without a College Degree? Many top entrepreneurs or people have made it in their perspective fields, irrespective of the fact that they left school/college/university with little or no education, as mentioned above.

People who go onto become successful even though they do not come from an educational background (for whatever reason) ‘think’ differently to those who have gone through the education machine. They think ‘outside the box. They are more likely to look at problems from a different perspective and develop unusual solutions that others might not necessarily think or see.

Reason 07

Getting to the end of your degree, then realizing it may not have provided the doorway to success as initially thought. School/college can teach you a lot. However, there is no better experience than life itself. Experience received as you work can far outweigh any knowledge or teachings learned at college.

Reason 08

Successful people are willing to take risks more. I would like to clarify that you have got to work harder, but the rewards can be that much more. Unfortunately, society sadly sees your ‘qualifications’ first before they see you. If you didn’t go to school or left without getting your college degree, then, unfortunately, many could be biased against you before you have even walked through the interview room door.

Reason 09

Grades do not make you healthy or fulfilled. Success is primarily dependent on the choices that you make. You will learn more from the process of life than the actual grades themselves.

Reason 10 – Can I Be Successful Without a College Degree

Yes, you will make mistakes, probably many mistakes, but as long as you learn from them, these mistakes will only make you stronger and less likely to want to give up. Many people thrive on challenges; however, those who have made no or few mistakes are more likely to give up on the first obstacle. They make you what you are today. Breaking through barriers and constraints is an excellent measure of one’s character and the likelihood of any future success, no matter what that might be. So, Can I Be Successful Without a College Degree? Think!

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Source by Harvey Wolf