The Two-Hour Sales Presentation Vs. A Seven-Minute Attention Span

The average decision-maker has an attention span of just a little over seven minutes. I’m convinced that adult attention spans have been carefully programmed by network television, by the seven to eight minute time segments of entertainment, wedged between commercial breaks. On the other hand, the average sales presentation in the United States runs from one and a half to […]

5 Attributes of an Effective Presentation

Presentations are the lifeblood of a sales team. Each presentation is a chance to sell the brand, and an effective presentation will do just that. Your presentation should be a “Simple, Concrete, Credible and Emotional Story.” If it is, your impact will increase significantly. Here are five tips to help you do so: Simple: Avoid jargon and corporate-speak. With attention […]

The Best Small Business Ideas For Women

Throughout the years, women have proven to be savvy business owners. They are natural organizers and planners, and those are two traits that are absolutely necessary in the business world. If you are a woman, and looking to start up your own small business, there are literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of business opportunities out there today. More […]

How To Generate Legitimate Work From Home Business Ideas

Finding legitimate work from home business ideas is challenging and thinking up ideas that haven’t already been created is a task of its own. But sometimes the best opportunities come from something that has already been thought up. Here are a few tips to help you generate real money-making ideas. The first tip to creating legitimate work from home business […]

At Home Business Ideas For the Handicapped Or Disabled

The best home based business ideas begin with knowing your niche. If you are one of the many handicapped people who want to contribute, remember, you have certain skills, life experience, interests and values that others may not have, so finding your niche is going to be much easier. Here are the 10 best home based (handicapped accessible) business ideas […]

Transitions: The Missing Link in Your Presentation

When was the last time you heard or witnessed a great presentation? Of the presentations you’ve seen in the past few months, how many would you rate 8-10, 5-7, maybe less? Creating a great presentation takes time. You can’t expect to quickly throw some slides together and then roll through them without any practice on what you’re going to say […]

Organizing A Motivational Seminar

Motivational seminars are seminars where motivational speakers encourage and motivate the attendees regarding their careers and their daily life. Organizing a motivational seminar requires you to gather the resources you need for the event several months before the date of the affair. You need to organize a committee to handle the whole event and to plan it in order for […]